Speaker’s Corner

Hachette Australia would like to introduce you to some of our local Australian authors, who may be useful in media. We are proud to publish a wide range of Australian authors who are experts in their chosen fields. For all media and event enquiries for the below authors please contact publicity@hachette.com.au

Dr Alan Barclay

Dr Alan Barclay is an accredited practising dietician and has worked for Diabetes Australia since 1988, most recently as Research and Development Manager in NSW. He is CEO of Glycemic Index Limited.

Jean-Paul Bell is a professional performer, speaker and workshop presenter primarily in the health care sector. He is a humour practitioner in children’s health right through to aged care and dementia, and he helps people to ‘Play Up To Their Potential’.

Jean-Paul Bell

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller is Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Sydney. She is Chair of the Nutrition Committee of the Australian Academy of Science, the Director of Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Services (SUGiRS, A GI testing service for the food industry), and Chair of the Board of Directors of the non-profit company Glycemic Index Limited.

Paul Cleary is a senior writer with The Australian newspaper. He has also worked as an adviser to the government of East Timor in 2003-2005, is fluent in Tetum (one of the two national languages of East Timor), and has a working knowledge of Portuguese.

Paul Cleary

Tammy Farrell is the managing director, presenter and nutrition consultant for Core Health Services, bringing medical and complementary health knowledge to people in a way that everyone can understand. She has a Bachelor of Nursing and Diploma in Nutrition.

Kaye Foster-Powell holds a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is an accredited practising dietician with extensive experience in diabetes management. She is currently Senior Dietician with the Sydney West Diabetes Service.

Kaye Foster-Powell

Penelope Green

Penelope Green, Australian author and journalist, lived in Italy for seven years, is fluent in Italian and passionate about all aspects of la vita Italiana, particularly social customs and the national cuisine.

Ian Irvine has written 26 novels, most of them fantasy, and has also written extensively on the subjects of getting published and the business of writing fiction.

Ian Irvine

Trent Jamieson

Trent Jamieson teaches writing at QUT and with the Queensland Writers’ Centre. He has also worked as a bookseller and editor. His areas of expertise are fantasy and science fiction writing, and teaching creative writing.

Hugh Mackay is a psychologist, social researcher and novelist. His areas of interest and expertise include the impact of social change (as discussed in his book Advance Australia…Where?), ethics and values (Right & Wrong: How to decide for yourself), the psychology of communication (Why Don’t People Listen?) and human motivation (What Makes Us Tick?).

Hugh Mackay

Peter McAllister

Peter McAllister is a qualified archaeologist and paleoanthropologist, with degrees in archaeology from the universities of Queensland and New England. He is available for any popular science discussions.

Dr Joanna McMillan Price completed her PhD at the University of Sydney on the links between the glycemic index and weight loss. As a fitness instructor she helps hundreds of people to change their bodies.

Dr Joanna McMillan Price

Rob Mundle

Rob Mundle has written numerous bestselling works of non-fiction, including Fatal Storm, Sir James Hardy: An Adventurous Life, and Bond, Alan Bond’s authorised biography. He is also a regular sailing commentator for News Ltd and Channel 7.

Bronwyn Parry, author of gritty romantic suspense set in rural Australia, is also an academic researcher of the romance genre and Australian women’s genre fiction such as ‘farm lit’ and family sagas, with a particular interest in the relationships between readers, reading practices, and authors enabled by online social networks.

Bronwyn Parry

Marianne de Pierres

Marianne de Pierres is the author of science fiction and fantasy, crime and young adult novels. Her speaking experience extends to countless panels (participation and moderation), radio and TV interviews, lectures, seminars, workshops and mentoring writers. She has particular interest in speaking about: how to become a professional author, writing across genres and the self promotion for authors.

Bob Selden is an organisational development consultant, trainer and coach. He consults about and lectures on management for various organisations, including the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland and the Australia Graduate School of Management.

Bob Seldon

Rachel Stanfield-Porter

Rachel Stanfield-Porter began the Bonnie Babes Foundation, establishing support services and counselling, and sponsors to fund resources for distribution to families and through hospitals for those experiencing pregnancy loss, premature birth or still birth.

Helene Young is a senior Check and Training Captain flying Dash 8 aircraft in regional Australia. Her areas of expertise are: Australian aviation, simulator flying training, romantic suspense writing and creative writing workshops.

Helene Young

M K Hume

M K Hume is a retired academic who lives in Queensland, Australia. She has completed an MA and PhD in Arthurian Literature and continues to research this topic, her work often taking her to Europe and Britain. M. K. Hume has retold the epic tales of Arthur and Merlin through two magnificent trilogies.

Todd Alexander

Todd Alexander has been working in e-commerce and retail for twenty years. Over the past ten years he has been helping Australian businesses get online, and grow their online sales. Todd frequently appears at conferences throughout Australia discussing the online opportunity, and what businesses need to do to capitalise on its growth. He is currently Director of Selling Strategy at eBay.