• Orbit
  • 9780356500409
  • $22.99
  • Paperback - B Format
  • February 2012
  • 512 pages
  • Miscellaneous items

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Robert Jackson Bennett

From the author of the highly acclaimed MR SHIVERS comes an American gothic thriller set around a company of travelling Vaudeville players.

George Carole ran away from home to join the Vaudeville circuit. Sixteen years old, uncommonly gifted at the piano, he falls in with a strange troupe - even for Vaudeville.

Under the watchful eye of the enigmatic figure of Silenus, George comes to realise that the members of the troupe are more than they appear to be. And their travels have a purpose that runs deeper than entertainment.

George must uncover the mysteries of Silenus' company before it is too late. He is already entangled in their web of secrets and, if he doesn't learn where they are taking him, he may never find his way out.

About the Author

Robert Jackson Bennett lives in Austin, Texas.

Previous Books:
The Troupe, The Company Man, Mr Shivers


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