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  • Marvel

Black Panther Adventures Digest

Joe Caramagna

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Comic book & cartoon art

It's action of the highest order as the Black Panther leaps into blockbuster adventures!

An international incident explodes when the Fantastic Four get their hands on a shipment of Vibranium - the uncanny metal only found in T'Challa's homeland. Will the FF feel the Panther's wrath? Then, the Avengers take a walk on the Wakandian wild side as they are caught between T'Challa and Sabretooth! Reluctant allies Hawkeye and the Panther have trust issues, while T'Challa and the Hulk must find a way to work together to stop Hydra's Madbomb! Plus, in classic tales from Avengers history, T'Challa battles the Man-Ape and joins the team!

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