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  • Disney-Hyperion

Company's Going

Arthur Yorinks

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Picture books

The hilarious, critically acclaimed follow-up to Company's Coming by award-winning author-illustrator team Arthur Yorinks and David Small, back in print for a new generation of readers.

So later, after a nice dinner at Shirley and Moe's, after all the soldiers, pilots, Marines, FBI men, and the cousins had said their goodbyes, the visitors from outer space made a momentous announcement.
There's going to be a wedding on planet Nextoo! And, after having tasted Shirley's meatballs, the spacemen ask Shirley and Moe a teeny weeny favor: would they be so kind as to cater the simple celestial celebration for four hundred and eighty-seven alien guests (give or take a few)? Shirley is thrilled, but Moe has his doubts-after all, who wants to travel past Uranus in a spaceship the size of a barbecue?

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