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  • Marvel

Lockjaw: Who's a Good Boy?

Marvel Comics

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Comic book & cartoon art

At long last, the giant-size dog has his day! When Lockjaw learns that his long-lost littermates are in danger, he must spring into action to save them! Are they Inhuman like him? Can they teleport? Could they possibly be as gosh-darned cute as their big brother? And where is Lockjaw headed with washed-up hero D-Man?! Would you believe, the Savage Land! But Zabu, the world's last sabretooth tiger, isn't happy to see them! And what the heck does the curly-tailed Spider-Ham have to do with Lockjaw's quest? Plus, what a revoltin' development for the Thing: When he spends the day looking after's slobberin' time! And more shaggy dog stories featuring the Inhumans' teleporting hound!

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