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Space Science: STEM in Space: Experiments for Surviving in Space

Mark Thompson

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For National Curriculum Key Stage 2, Interest age: from c 9 years, Space (Children's / Teenage)

Rocket into space with these brillant space science experiments

Find out what its like to live in space with these fun experiments. There are lots of things to think about if we want to be able to survive in space. What will you eat? How will you cook? How will you grow food? Many of these things become a lot harder in space not just because of the lack of air but also because you will probably be weightless and floating around inside the spaceship. There are dangers in space too like rocks flying around that could hit the unexacting astronaut and radiation from the Sun. Have fun carrying out these twelve activities to help you explore what it might be like to live in space.

Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions show you how to investigate everything you ever wanted to know about space.

Uses readily available, cheap materials.

This series covers key areas of the curriculum such as forces, rocks and soils, healthy diets, exercise, recycling and waste management, magnets, solar power, gravity, distance, maps and constellations.

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