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The List That Changed My Life

Olivia Beirne

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Fiction, Romance

When Georgia's sister is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she promises to do everything her older sibling can no longer do, resulting in a journey will change her life forever.

Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Katie Marsh and Marian Keyes, Lucy Beirne's The List That Changed My Life takes its readers on an hilarious and heart-warming journey of a lifetime, showing us what it means to really be alive.
What if you discover your sister - your braver, bolder, brilliant big sister - has been told that the reason she's started feeling tired all the time has a name? That she won't, it seems now, be able to tick off the list of things she wanted to do before her birthday.

Georgia has been asked by her older sister Amy if she'll do something for her: Amy wants Georgia to finish her list. She knows it will be out of Georgia's comfort zone, but she thinks her little sister needs to start taking risks.

Georgia is horrified when she sees the list. She can't do any of these things. Can she? Could she be brave enough to take the leap, for her sister?

And how might her own life change if she did?

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