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Seer King

Chris Bunch

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The Seer King Trilogy, Fiction, Fantasy

* Fantasy epic on a grand scale - a magnificent tale of magic, love and war

THE SEER KING is the first part in a major new fantasy trilogy in the vein of Raymond Feist and David Gemmell. It begins the epic drama of a wizard-emperor, the kingdom he rises to lead and then almost destroy, and the men who served him and the women who loved him. The wizard is Laish Tenedos, a man who despises the fragmented kingdom of Numantia, and is determined to bring it back to its former glory - with himself on the throne. His best friend, and the teller of this tale, is Damastes a Cimabue, his bravest officer and most skilled cavalryman. Together they will fight magic and demon-led conspiracy in their struggle to bring peace to Numantia and Damastes will not only rise to the highest ranks of command, but will find the heights - and depths - of love.

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Praise for Seer King

  • Slam-bang excitement, lusty action and military and ferocious - Julian May

  • Rich and convincing ... will leave you eagerly awaiting the next instalment - SFX

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