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Forbidden Suns: Book Three of the Silence

D. Nolan Clark

4 Reviews

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Fiction, Science fiction

FORBIDDEN SUNS is the unmissable final novel in the Silence trilogy - widescreen space opera at its very best, combining blistering action with jaw-dropping plot twists.

In the cold of space, the fire of revenge still burns.
Aleister Lanoe has been on a mission since before he can remember. Honing his skills as a fighter pilot and commander through three centuries of constant warfare, he has never met a foe he cannot best.

But now he faces a mission which may be his last: take vengeance on the alien race who has coldly and systematically erased all the sentient life in its path.

In all his years at war, the stakes have never been higher . . .

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Praise for Forbidden Suns: Book Three of the Silence

  • Terrific and thrilling

  • Unforgettable characters and jam-packed with action [and] adventure . . . One readers will not want to miss

  • Gripping writing, a brilliantly realised future culture and sympathetic characters . . . An entertaining and compelling read

  • Seven Samurai set to a backdrop of a rollicking space opera . . . An action-filled adventure

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