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Dragon Blood Pirates 13: Slitgut and the Emerald Eyes

Dan Jerris

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Fiction, General fiction (Children's / Teenage), Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage), Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage)

Captain Slitgut wants to be king of the Dragon Blood Pirates. First he steals the emerald eyes from the idol on Sabre Island, then he plans to come back and kill all the elephants! Will Al and Owen be able to stop him?

Al and Owen are more intrigued by the Dragon Blood Islands than ever after Al's dad casually reveals his own father's connections to them. Keen to find out more and uncover the secret words that empower the magical sabre, the boys head back to the islands.

On arrival, they discover the elephants of Sabre Island are still in danger, at risk from pirates who want their ivory and who constantly steal the emeralds from the idol that s supposed to protect them. Witnessing the theft by a newly arrived pirate, the fearsome Captain Slitgut, Al and Owen are determined to retrieve the emeralds and return them to their rightful place, so set off in hot pursuit, hiding on board Slitgut s ship. But when the dastardly Gunner finally crosses paths with Slitgut in a battle for bounty on the high seas, will the boys be able to escape to return to Sabre Island with the gems in time to give the dying elephant access to the Elephants' Graveyard and secure the idol?

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