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Is Your Job Making You Ill?

Ellie Cannon

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Family & health

A book on coping with and treating work-related illness by high-profile GP Dr Ellie Cannon

A book aimed at advising, calming and empowering anyone, at any level, who is suffering as a result of their job. Full of take-home pro-active messages, experiential advice and case studies from Dr Ellie Cannon's clinical experience of the last decade.

We all have a laugh and a moan about going to work; groaning about getting on that bus in the rush hour, Monday morning blues, hoping for it to be the weekend again. But what happens when it's no longer a joke, when the effects from work are far more detrimental to your wellbeing than just Sunday-night blues? Half a million people in the UK are known to be suffering with stress as a result of their job resulting in 11.7 million working days to be lost each year. Sometimes the hardest part is recognising or admitting the job is the problem; for others, it is finding a way out that proves the most challenging.

In Is Your Job Making You Ill?, Dr Ellie Cannon shares her wisdom and the experiences she has had with her patients: what has worked, what hasn't and why anyone - from the highest level CEOs to the those at the bottom of the office hierarchy - can be affected.

Work-related ill health can happen to anyone. This book is all about how to survive and thrive when it happens to you.

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