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Memoirs, General cookery & recipes

A high-end culinary memoir portraying celebrated Californian chef, Alice Waters, from the unique and personal perspective of her daughter Fanny.

Home will be the charming and smart, definitive and intimate portrait of culinary icon Alice Waters, whose ideas have changed the way we eat today. This culinary memoir, written by Alice's daughter Fanny, will describe the unique relationship between mother and daughter through short-story-like vignettes that relate to specific recipes and food-related remembrances.

Punctuated by 75-100 narrative recipes and full of personal photography from celebrated photographer Brigitte Lacombe, the book will reveal how relationships can be shaped by food, cooking together, and travel. Beginning from just after Fanny was born (The Washington Post's 1984 article: "Bringing Up Baby on Grapes and Quail"), it will cover extravagant school lunches, first ice creams in Florence and will extend into the present day.

It is full of tales about the absurd measures taken to ensure that good food was always on the table (even if that "table" was the aeroplane tray table, or a towel on the beach, or a picnic table at a Kansas rest stop). This obsession is told through stories of travel to France, England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Mexico, and across the United States, among other destinations, always in search of the best local ingredients. But it is likewise a story of cooking and eating at home - and above all a story of togetherness, proximity, and love.

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Fanny Singer

Fanny is the only person able to document the personal, unique and affectionate relationship she has with her mother. She has worked in countless restaurants, including her mother's, from an early age and can include recipes both influenced by her mother and brought up-to-date for a contemporary audience.

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