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Hound Of The Far Side

Gary Larson

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Prose: non-fiction, Cartoons & comic strips

The seventh collection of The Far Side

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Praise for Hound Of The Far Side

  • In an age when black humour is a lost art, Larson's cartoon is an island of insanity, offering us the perspective of a world where the unreal is normal and vice versa. Its message deep down is a dark one- something about taking ourselves too seriously and strutting around as if we own the place. - Rolling Stone

  • Larson communicates a great deal of information in a few simple ink lines. The expressions of his characters are vivid and immediately recognisable. ... And with just a strand of beads and a pair of harlequin glasses, he can somehow transfer any animal -a - Los Angeles Times

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Gary Larson

Gary Larson lives in Oregon with his wife and a Big dog. Although retired from his job as a daily syndicated cartoonist, he is now turning his graphical talent to new forms of technology.