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  • Marvel

Avengers Vs. Thanos

Joe Caramagna

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Comic book & cartoon art

The Avengers face the machinations of the Mad Titan himself - Thanos! And you know he must be bad when even the Red Skull is fleeing from him! Thanos seeks the cosmic Power Stone - but will the robotic Arsenal, built by Tony Stark's father, help keep it out of the Titan's grasp? Thanos has targeted all the Stones necessary to form the Infinity Gauntlet...and if he succeeds, he'll have ultimate power in the palm of his hand! Black Widow has a plan to save the universe - but it'll take all of the Avengers to pull it off ! Captain America and Iron Man don't see eye to eye, but can they put their differences aside in time to come together for the final battle to save everything? Avengers Assemble!

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