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Not for the Faint-Hearted

John Stevens

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Biography: general, True crime, Fiction

Bent coppers, corruption, terrorism, the death of Princess Diana - the life story of Metropolitan Police Commissioner John Stevens

In this absorbing and controversial memoir, John Stevens records highlights of his meteoric career, from walking the beat as a constable on London's Tottenham Court Road during the 1960s to the summit of his profession as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

As a junior detective he achieved so many arrests he became known as 'Swifty Stevens'. As Deputy Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire he began the first of his three inquiries into collusion between the security forces and paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland. One of his most striking successes was in the car-crime capital of Europe - Newcastle - where he achieved the most spectacular reduction in crime ever known in Britain.

In 2000, when he was appointed Commissioner, London's police force was in a poor way, understrength and weakened by low morale. Five years later, and despite political wranglings, his leadership had restored the force to its best-ever state.

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Praise for Not for the Faint-Hearted

  • highly readable ... his experiences are recounted with passion, insight, candour and, where appropriate, humour. - DAILY MAIL - Peter Taylor

  • This book is a lucid and easily read account of a career that has been a series of challenges, a mix of the tough, long-hours regime of a dedicated professional, interspersed with tours of duty as a staff officer and a student at Leicester University. - POLICE REVIEW - Sir Keith Povey

  • his energy and ambition shine through every page - THE SUNDAY TIMES - Roger Graef

  • his highly readable autobiography. - THE DAILY EXPRESS - Dick Kirby

  • an engaging and absorbing book. - SUNDAY TELEGRAPH - Alasdair Palmer

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