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Superstar Dogs: Easy tricks that will give your pet the spotlight they deserve

Julie Tottman

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Animal spectacles, Prose: non-fiction, Dogs as pets, Dog obedience & training

Your pets can rival movie stars with these easy tricks from the trainer behind the Harry Potter movies, Julie Tottman.

Your pets can rival movie stars with these easy tricks from the trainer behind Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, Julie Tottman.

Whether your dog is clever, cheeky, kooky or cuddly, this perfect gift for dog lovers everywhere reveals easy tricks to make them the envy of their friends.

Trick-training is a simple and fun way to bond with your dog whilst keeping them stimulated and active, and there is no one better placed to show you how to do it than Julie. Over the last twenty years, Julie has been the animal trainer behind a whole host of major Hollywood blockbusters - from the Harry Potter franchise to Lassie, The Dark Knight, 102 Dalmations and, most recently, Game of Thrones. By breaking each trick down into easy step-by-step instructions, Julie shows you how to teach your pet a wide range of easy and fun tricks, catering for all shapes, sizes - and attention spans!

Alongside lots of helpful tips and advice, you'll also find fun black and white illustrations and space to jot down when your pet has successfully performed each trick, meaning they'll be rivalling movie stars in no time.

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Julie Tottman

Julie began her working career as a doggy hairdresser in a poodle parlour, before landing a dream job as an animal trainer for film and television. Over the last twenty years she has worked on an incredible range of well-known movies and TV programmes with animals of all shapes and sizes. She lives in Hertfordshire with her five dogs and is the head animal trainer at Birds & Animals Unlimited.