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Project Me for Busy Mothers

Kelly Pietrangeli

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Advice on parenting, Self-help & personal development, Mind, Body, Spirit

The essential go-to guide for modern mothers to take control of their busy lives.

Do the demands of motherhood tip you out of balance, leaving some parts of your life brushed aside? Are you pulled in all directions - never sure if you're doing anything 'good enough'? Project Me is the essential go-to guide for modern mothers who want to take control of their busy lives.

Become the expert of you and your family by doing the Project Me Life Wheel tool. Divided into eight key life areas - family, love, health, money, personal growth, productivity, work and fun - this self-assessment will show you which area needs your focus first. Head straight to that chapter to gain fresh perspective and become proactive about your own happiness.
Filled with practical strategies, guiding questions, inspirational accounts, and a treasure trove of recommended resources, this workbook and guide will motivate you to become the project manager of your life.

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Kelly Pietrangeli

Kelly Pietrangeli is the Mama Motivator behind, an online platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering mothers to become pro problem-solvers and find a happier balance by looking closely at what is and what isn't working well in their lives. Her tools and resources make it easy to take small steps that lead to big results.

Kelly walks her talk. She's candid about her struggles and openly shares what has and hasn't worked in all areas of her life. Her ongoing quest for personal and professional growth is an inspiration to all that follow her popular blog, read her guest publications, attend her workshops and retreats and participate in her online programmes.

She's not afraid to kick you up the backside if you need it, but her style is gentle and encouraging, never brash or bossy. She inspires without intimidating, always encouraging a 'be easier on your yourself' approach with plenty of permission to 'drop the guilt'.

She considers the different stages mothers are at in their journey, and gives permission to take baby steps, at your own pace, creating self-devised, not pre-prescribed, action plans.

Kelly lives in London with her husband and their two teenage boys.