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Celsius 7/7

Michael Gove

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Prose: non-fiction, Politics & government

Celsius 7/7 analyses how the West's approach to fundamentalism is destined to lead to further atrocities.

In his column which appeared in The Times on the morning of 9/11, Michael Gove prophetically argued that the West's policy of appeasement towards terror was destined to provoke yet greater atrocities.

In CELSIUS 7/7, Gove explores the roots of Islamic rage, the historical factors which culminated in the current terrorist campaign and the Muslim world's troubled accommodation with modernity. He also analyses the intellectual roots and political appeal of Islamism, explains the factors behind Jihadi violence and places the current fundamentalist challenge in context.

Combining a broad historical sweep with character sketches of key figures such as Michel Aflaq, Charles de Gaulle, Sayyid Qutb, Donald Rumsfeld, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Henry Kissinger and Osama bin Laden, as well as a detailed survey of Western political failures, Gove's account is a shrewd and detached analysis that provides powerfully convincing recommendations for future action.

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Praise for Celsius 7/7

  • This title apes Michael Moore's polemical Fahrenheit 9/11, but this is not a bombastic broadside. Gove - a Tory MP and Times columnist - denies that the war has made Britain a target, arguing that we have not done enough to punish regimes that sponsor terrorism. - The Times

  • Brilliant, essential and terrifying... lucid, unhysterical, informed - the landmark book that, together with Melanie Philips's Londonistan, finally acknowledges the scale of the problem before us... - The Mail on Sunday

  • A superb book on the threat of Islamism - Sunday Telegraph

  • I have never seen the argument for a robust response to the threat spelt out so clearly and succinctly as in Gove's book... Best of all is his analysis of the role that the Israel issue has played in the debate about terrorism and Middle Eastern policy. - The Spectator

  • Michael Gove is one of the rising stars of the British parliamentary Conservative party on account of the exceptional depth and lucidity of his thinking. Almost alone among British politicians, he courageously opposes the ugly anti-Americanism and hatred of Israel which are currently convulsing British society. His new book, Celsius 7/7, is a brilliant analysis of Britain's wilful blindness in refusing to grasp the true nature and extent of the Islamist war upon the west and the resulting culture of appeasement which threatens to undermine Britain's special relationship with America. At a time when the hostilities in the Middle East are ratcheting up Britain's state of denial to an unprecedented level of irrationality and prejudice, Gove's urgent wake-up call could not be more timely or prescient.

  • Gove does not take prisoners... Gove has done us all a service by uncovering the extremist antecedents of the "moderate" Muslim spokesmen feted by the race relations industry and its sympathisers in the BBC. - Daily Telegraph

  • Well informed and persuasive.... Gove provides the essential background - the origins of Islamist radicalism from Sayed Qutb to Maududi, the role of the Muslim Brotherhood and its main present-day representatives, the aims of the jihadists. - The Times Literary Supplement

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Michael Gove

Michael Gove was first elected as Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath in May 2005. He is the current Government Chief Whip, having served in the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Education from 2010 to 2014. He is a former journalist for The Times.

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