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The Date A Book team went to see the film adaptation of BEFORE I FALL and they had thought...and a lot of emotions.

1.     Where is this story set?! The scenery is amazing!

Answer: The book is set in the fictional town of Ridgeview in Connecticut USA. The movie was filmed in Canada around Vancouver and British Columbia and we must go there. Is this in our work budget?

2.     Um. How nice is her house? Where can we find one of those houses? We are pretty much in agreement that this is #HouseGoals

3.     Who wakes up looking like that? AND can get ready in 24 minutes looking THAT GOOD?! Movie Magic is real people.

4.     How do you pronounce ‘Deutch’?

source: giphy

5.     Having a group of close friends like Sam’s is the goal. We like to think the Date A Book team is like them only less bra flashing & bullying and more book carrying & introversion.

6.    This Cupid’s Day ritual would never fly in Australia. Such a cruel way to single out the lonely teens.

7.     It’s a shame Sam and her friends didn’t wear matching outfits to Valentine’s Day like in the book, it would have made Sam’s rebellious day stand out more.

source: giphy

8.     HOT TEACHER ALERT! We’re betting this teacher will be more attractive than any of the boys in the movie. Such is high school life.

9.     If we were in his class we would be getting straight A’s.

10.   How many thoughts will we have in this post just about the hottie teacher?

11.   A lot.

source: giphy

12.   Oh hello sweet, sweet Kent!

13.   Is Lauren Oliver going to make a cameo a la Stephenie Meyer?

14.   Rob is obviously a waste of time. ‘Luv ya’? We don’t think so.

15.   Is that a wig or her real hair? We want Juliet’s gorgeous locks!

16.   Has Sam’s group really not read/seen CARRIE? This is all going to end in pig’s blood!

source: giphy

17.   Rob needs to Get. In. The. Bin.

18.   Everyone should have to watch this in school. Your actions and words affect others! Be kind.

19.   Wouldn't it be nice to live in Sam’s angst-ridden life for a day and tell everyone what you really think?

20.   Not in those uncomfortable shoes though.

21.   Even though we only saw the 7 repeats covered by the book, we love that the movie made it feel like there were more we didn’t see.

22.   Our emotions.

source: reddit

23.   AWW Kent is the sweetest! We’ll be your hero Kent! *starts softly singing Hero by Enrique Iglesias*

24.   Also, that looks like a very good tingly kiss. Date A Book approved!

25.   Sorry we can’t see the movie right now through all of our tears! Sam’s day spent with her family and sister is the best. day. ever.

26.   Why don’t we carry tissues?

27.   Seriously, no one in Date A Book has tissues on them!

28.   Guys, make sure you hug your parents and tell them you love them.

29.   Do it for us!

source: giphy

30.   Also, hug your siblings! Even if they hog the remote and use your Netflix password.

31.   Props to Sam for realising her friends do have salvageable characteristics. We had a hard time finding them.

32.   Unless you are Rob.

33.   Rob is the worst.

source: giphy

34.   Kent should be showered in roses every day.

35.   Why would anyone pick the boring red roses if you could have the white and pink one Kent gets Sam?

36.   We volunteer as tribute!

source: giphy 

37.   We feel empty inside. How? What? Where are we? How can we go on?

38.   BE GOOD TO YOUR FAMILY, PEOPLE *uncontrollable sobbing*

39.   AND BE KIND TO YOUR PEERS. You never know what other people are going through.

source: giphy

  • Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver

    The movie tie-in edition of a book as compelling as THE LOVELY BONES and as memorable as Jenny Downham's BEFORE I DIE.

Kelly Jenkins

Kelly Jenkins

As Campaign Manager at Hachette, I’m lucky enough to cross paths with so many different genres of book. I’m known around the office as a bit of a thriller buff, but I just can’t stop reading YA – which is why I’m on the Date A Book team! I’m all about pop culture references, bad ass women, a unique take on fantasy worlds, and a love story in every book. Hit me up for #WineWednesday and a reading nook every day.

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