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When we produce advance reading copies for bookstore or department store book buyers and professional reviewers, we sometimes break the conventional cover rules so that our book has a chance to stand out from the competition and be the one to be read first. 

Here are four pacey novels with very intriguing advance reading copy editions:

1.       Girl Before – available from 31 January

The Girl Before ARC cover

Another almost–blank /title-less/author-less cover, this time in a striking red.  If you look closely the title is subtly debossed.

This one I read in one sitting, it’s a hyper—speed page turner that does not disappoint.




2.       Spook Street – available from 14 February

This is the fourth title in the Jackson Lamb series from Mick Herron.

Spook Street ARC cover

This proof is all about keeping it simple and letting the reviewer know exactly what they are getting. ‘THE FINEST NEW CRIME SERIES THIS MILLENNIUM’ says the Mail on Sunday

Job done Spook Street ARC backcover – and if that doesn't sway the  reviewer or bookseller to pick this one up there is a rather lengthy list of accolades and reviews on the back cover.




3.       Ragdoll - available from 28 February

This advance reading copy edition is all about intrigue – are you intrigued?  I was and then read this in about three sittings.

Ragdoll ARC cover





4.       He Said / She Said – available from 28 February

He Said She Said ARC cover

Oh so dark and shiny - who could resist picking this one up?  The plot device here is quite a dark one and Erin masterfully deals with it in this clever page turner.


  • The Girl Before - JP Delaney

    Everything that is yours, was once hers . . . Enter the world of One Folgate Street and discover perfection . . . but can you pay the price?

  • Spook Street - Mick Herron

    Twenty years retired, David Cartwright can still spot when the stoats are on his trail. Radioactive secrets and unfinished business go with the territory on Spook Street: he's always known there would be an accounting. And he's not as defenceless as they might think.

  • Ragdoll - Daniel Cole

    A pulse-pounding, gripping police procedural with the pace of a thriller. The beginning of an exciting new series starring detectives Wolf and Baxter.

  • He Said/She Said - Erin Kelly

    The perfect read for fans of DISCLAIMER, APPLE TREE YARD and IN A DARK DARK WOOD. Who do you believe? He said it was consensual. The woman said nothing. But Laura saw it... ... didn't she?

Christine Fairbrother

Christine Fairbrother

I love to read a wide range of books which helps as I work in the marketing department at Hachette Australia and work with a wide range of books each week. My favourite book escape is to curl up with a new Cathy Kelly. I feel like I am being transported back home through the pages. [yep I’m from Ireland originally].

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