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Our November book of the month is Oathbringer, Book Three in The Stormlight Archive! Brandon Sanderson's biggest series is back, and at over 1,200 pages it will keep you entertained until Sanderson inevitably returns with another book in a few more months. In store 14 November.

Not to be outdone by his Father and Brother and their new novel Sleeping Beauties, Joe Hill is back with four short novels, ranging from creepy horror to powerful explorations of our modern society. This makes for compelling and powerful reading.  In store now.

Only one author outsold Tolkien in the 80s. He redefined the fantasy genre. Now he's back. All hail the king of US fantasy - Stephen Donaldson, author of the bestselling Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. A magical war. A starving country. A desperate prince. Prepare yourself for the Great God's War. In store 14 November.

For the first time in print as a special hardcover edition, Brent Weeks's blockbuster novella Perfect Shadow tells the origin story of the Night Angel trilogy's most enigmatic character: Durzo Blint! In store 14 November.

Frankenstein meets The Shadow of the Wind in a Gothic thriller set in the diabolical city of fin-de-siecle Barcelona. What more could you possibly want with a comparison like that? In store 14 November.

Thomas Saras

Thomas Saras

Marketing Executive and Head of the Realm at Hachette Australia Books. Mutant power: Aggressive humour. Lifelong Trekkie (I don’t find that offensive) comic book reader and former proud bookseller. Likes: Literary, contemporary and speculative fiction. Dislikes: Haters. Ideal date: My birthday.

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