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  • Westview Press

Roads In The Sky

Richard Clemmer

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Prose: non-fiction, Society

Despite 100 years with the dominant American culture, Hopi culture today maintains continuity with its aboriginal roots while reflecting the impact of the 20th century. A compelling study of fourth worlders" coping with a powerful nation-state, this book depicts Hopi social organization, economy, religion, and politics as well as key events in the history of Hopi-U.S. relations. Hopis have used their culture and their socio-political structures to deal with change. Clemmer focuses on six major events in Hopi history: a factionalist schism that split the largest Hopi village, Oraibi, into 3 villages the impact of the federal Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 the rise of a political movement known as traditionalism'' the story behind far-reaching oil and coal leases of the 1960s the Hopi-Navajo land dispute and the disappearance of ceremonial objects into private collections and museums.

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