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Witchlight: Witchlight Book 2

Rosemary Edghill, Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Fiction, Science fiction

Except for a few memories of her childhood and of her few years as a successful trader on Wall Street, Winter Musgrave's life seems to have vanished from her mind. She fears she has gone mad - but if so, it is a peculiar sort of madness, for objects shatter when she passes by. Doors and windows unlock and open while she sleeps. The mutilated corpses of small animals appear on the doorstep of her isolated mountain farmhouse, with no indication that anyone human has been near. And inside Winter's mind, all the time, is the feeling that something deadly is hunting for her.

Is this paranoia or something more Desperate, Winter seeks help at the Bidney Institute for Psychic Research, where she encounters Truth Jourdemayne and her partner, Dr. Dylan Palmer. With their help, Winter recovers a few of her shattered memories, including the surprising revelation that while in college Winter had been a member of a magickal circle, or coven. Truth, the daughter of a medium and a powerful magician, is no stranger to the paranormal, but she isn't prepared for the strength and fury of the thing that wants to claim Winter for its own.

Winter is certain that the members of her old coven will be able to identify and defeat the menace she now faces. But they are scattered across the continent, and the thing that pursues her is eager to destroy her old friends as well.

Once before Winter Musgrave believed in magic. It nearly killed her. Now, to stay alive, she must believe again, with all her heart...and all her soul.

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