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The Christian and the Pharisee: Two Outspoken Religious Leaders Debate the Road to Heaven

R.T. Kendall, David Rosen

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Prose: non-fiction, Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church, Biblical studies & exegesis, Mind, Body, Spirit

This unique book reproduces a candid exchange of letters between two leading religious figures - an evangelical Christian preacher and a senior Jewish rabbi.

What starts as Rabbi David Rosen's staunch defence of his tradition against Dr R. T. Kendall's use of 'Pharisee' as a derogatory term blossoms into a fascinating exchange in which the two men openly discuss the basic tenets of their respective faiths. They explore the common ground that these two related religions share, and discover the fundamental differences that set them apart.

This groundbreaking publication is a rare opportunity to read the heartfelt correspondence of two prolific religious leaders, both acclaimed theologians, as they seek to both vigorously defend their own beliefs and allow themselves to be challenged by the claims of the other. As the discussion continues we see mutual respect grow and a strong friendship forged before the relationship is inevitably tested as they reach points of seemingly irreconcilable difference.

Is it possible for Christianity and Judaism to proactively co-exist when the bedrock of one denies the rationale of the other This dignified book poses such difficult questions whilst offering greater understanding and hope for the future.

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Praise for The Christian and the Pharisee: Two Outspoken Religious Leaders Debate the Road to Heaven

  • This is absolute gold dust. I have never read anything like it before. As a Christian leader with a Jewish family background, and a great love for Jewish people and Jewish roots, I shall treasure and promote widely this amazing volume. - Mark Stibbe

  • This is absolutely brilliant. It will be one of the best books ever on

  • Jewish Christian relations. It is the real thing, simply excellent. - Canon Andrew White

  • Judaism and Christianity have for centuries been divided by the same holy scriptures. Anyone seeking to understand the chasm, and how to bridge it, should start by reading this erudite, civilised and charming debate between a Christian pastor and a 'Pharisee' rabbi. Their exchange of letters not only explains the common roots of two great religions in ancient Palestine, but also illuminates the today's conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. - Anton La Guardia, Diplomatic Editor, Daily Telegraph

  • A fascinating book of dialogue between a leading preacher and one of the most famous rabbis of our time. - Chief Rabbi Ren?-Samuel Sirat, former Chief Rabbi of France

  • No punches are pulled, no fundamental question of faith is avoided - but with humour, kindness, respect and love, fundamental issues of religion are discussed and probed. A timely and amazing book. - George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury

  • What an interesting book this is! Two learned and deeply religious believers joining in a frank yet respectful dialogue that is marked by a no-holds-barred discussion and a brilliant exegetical study of Sacred Texts they both revere. Every religious person will find these exchanges fascinating, even if they may not accept their ultimate conclusions. - Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington

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R.T. Kendall

Dr R. T. Kendall is a Christian writer, speaker and teacher who was Minister of Westminster Chapel in London for twenty-five years.

He has written many bestselling books including TOTAL FORGIVENESS, TOTALLY FORGIVING OURSELVES and OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE.

He is currently president of R.T. Kendall Ministries.

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