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  • Westview Press

International Relations In A Changing Global System

Seyom Brown

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Prose: non-fiction, Political science & theory

The first edition of this successful text helped to define a new approach to the study of international relations, one suited to the realities of the post-cold war world. It broke the confines of the dominant realist" paradigm to offer an intelligible theoretical discourse on how the world works. In this thoroughly revised and updated edition, Professor Brown again presents a text exemplary both in its intellectual accessibility and its relevance to the real-world concerns of policymakers and the attentive public. This new edition's approach thoroughly vindicated by world events since its original publication, expands and deepens the analysis that made the first edition such a unique text. Readers will especially appreciate the expanded treatment of the issues of ethnic and national self-determination, the controversial role played by the UN in humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, the growing importance of international trade and its impact on sovereignty, and the burgeoning of ethical inquiry in the analysis of international relations. International Relations in a Changing Global System is still the ideal text to present the complexities of real-world analysis in a sophisticated but accessible manner.

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