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It can all feel a bit too much. We find ourselves occupied, morning to night, with reacting, responding and coping with uncontrollable and often challenging circumstances.

How can we rise above stress, anxiety and frustration? How do we perform a restart? Is it possible to radically transorm our daily life? How can we invite deeping meaning and freedom into our lives?

For many, the gateway to the Buddhist teachings is Mindfulness. And Mindfulness is indeed one of the Five Powers that are regarded as the original teachings of the Buddha:

1. Trust
2. Energy
3. Mindfulness
4. Serenity
5. Wisdom

What do the five powers feel like on our journey and how do they help us climb? Mindfulness helps us to notice where and how we are on the path, and to discern the rocks and flowers along the way. As awareness and inner freedom expands, we are no longer mired in the issues, limitations, and obstructing tribulations of daily life. Heart-opening trust supports our body and mind, bringing hope to the climb and faith in the view. Energy helps us to skip rather than crawl. Serenity and concentration keep us steady and focused, so we don't wander off, give up, or become overly distracted. And wisdom is all the things we learn on the way: from the understanding of our capacities and our limits, to precious insights and realisations; from a deep silence and sense of oneness with the mountain, to the glory of the sunrise at the top.

The Five Powers work together to amplify and empower each other. Each is required to achieve a complete and harmonious whole. They have been described as five horses working together to skilfully draw the carriage of our being to states of content and liberation. With stunning artwork throughout by the acclaimed artist Alessandro Sanna, The Five Powers is the perfect guide and inspiration for those seeking happiness, contentment, and love in daily life. Its teachings will help readers to dance with the unexpected, to embrace the everyday and climb the mountain.

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