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England In Particular

Sue Clifford And Angela King, Angela King

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Prose: non-fiction, Travel & holiday

A magnificent, unique and ground-breaking book about English local distinctiveness, that will appeal to devotees of Simon Jenkins and Flora Britannica.

'It should be at every curious Englishman's bedside.' - Alan Titchmarsh

Apples, bandstands, beach huts, black dogs, breweries, bricks, cakes, causeways, chalk horses, cheese rolling, cider, cooling towers, curbstones, dances, dialect, dry stone walls, fens, fire festivals, foxes, gargoyles, geology, ghosts, heaths, heronries, ice houses, jet, lagoons, maypoles, mazes, moats, nightingales, peat, pies, primrose banks, quicksand, rhubarb, sheep, spoil heaps, terraced houses, topiary, weather, windmills, zawns...

England is a land of extraordinary variety, rich in buildings, landscapes, peoples and wildlife. But this diversity is under siege. Mass production, fashion, increased mobility and the forceful promotion of corporate identity have brought with them standardised shop fronts, farm buildings, factories, forests and front doors, while intensive farming has created a bland, empty countryside. ENGLAND IN PARTICULAR is a counterblast against loss and uniformity, and a celebration of just some of the distinctive details that cumulatively make England. It is the culmination of more than twenty years' work by Sue Clifford and Angela King, who founded Common Ground with Roger Deakin.

ENGLAND IN PARTICULAR is a ground-breaking work, destined to become a classic.

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Praise for England In Particular

  • It should be at every curious Englishman's bedside. - Alan Titchmarsh

  • This book is a joy. - Monty Don

  • A living portrait of England here and now, with all the narrative and mystery of the past attached ... The book is gracefully written, phenomenally knowledgeable, and simply exhilarating, speaking as it does of the extraordinary things that are all around us, if we are only prepared to open our eyes to them. - Fay Weldon

  • 'As vital as it is joyous, and as timely as it is inspired ... It should join Shakespeare and the Bible as a "must have" on any English man or woman's desert island. - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

  • An entrancing green alphabet ..."The land is our most elaborate storyboard," say Sue Clifford and Angela King as they demonstrate this truth in seemingly countless small essays, each one a brief masterpiece of combined natural and social history ... this is a book for all English seasons and for every English mile - Ronald Blythe

  • This wise and witty and broad-shouldered celebration (it ranges from accents and airfields to wrestling and zigzags) is the triumphant fruition of their work with Common Ground. - Richard Mabey

  • A magical celebration of English diversity and a much-needed wake-up call as we sleepwalk further into the dreary global monoculture. - Zac Goldsmith

  • Angela King and Sue Clifford have been pursuing this quarry for more than 30 years

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