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Things I Have Drawn

Tom Curtis

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Gift Books, Christmas, Father’s Day, Collage & photomontage, Humour, Parodies & spoofs, Zoos & wildlife parks, Humour & jokes (Children's / Teenage)

Hilarious and strange images from the global instagram sensation; the world brought to life through the eyes of a child.


Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if children's drawings were real? Well, wonder no more. Global Instagram sensation THINGS I HAVE DRAWN does just that - and the results are AMAZING.

8-year-old Dom and 6-year-old Al are brothers who love to doodle, and then Dad Tom painstakingly transforms their creations into photorealistic scenes. In this book, join the family on a trip to the zoo and laugh your socks off at all of the weird and wonderful creatures, including a gurning goat, a terrifying polar bear and a rather smug looking flamingo.

Spectacularly funny and disturbing, this book is packed with previously unseen material and the brilliant before and after images that have made @thingsihavedrawn such a cult hit.

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