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How to Build Your Own Country

Valerie Wyatt

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For National Curriculum Key Stage 2, Interest age: from c 9 years, General knowledge & trivia (Children's / Teenage), Work & industry / world of work (Children's / Teen, Money (Children's / Teenage), Personal & social issues: careers guidance (Teenag

Teaching children how to build their very own country from scratch.

For the next generation of world leaders, this is an excellent resource for children aged 9+ who are curious about the world and the rules that govern each of us.

Tired of people always telling you what to do? Why not start your own country?
The Kingdom of Jack! The Federal Republic of Grace! Let this book be your guide to starting a nation from scratch.

An excellent resource for the secondary citizenship curriculum to support learning about UK government and political systems.

Contents: STEP 1: Stake Out Your Identity; Naming Your Country; Finding a Population; Designing a Flag and Choosing a Motto; Writing a National Anthem; STEP 2: Run the Country; Setting up a Government; Holding Elections; Writing a Constitution; Making the Laws; Serving Your Citizens; Making Money; Taking a Holiday; STEP 3: Meet the Neighbours; Who's Who?; Keeping the Peace; Put It All Together and You Get

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