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  • Fifth Planet

    By Fred Hoyle, Geoffrey Hoyle
    Fred Hoyle, Geoffrey Hoyle
    The year is 2087. The two great power blocs still face each other, with Britain having adopted the political role formerly occupied by Switzerland.For 75 years the world has known the approach of another solar system which will pass between our sun and its outermost planets. The sun of the other solar system is named Helios by astronomers, and it too is found to have planets. Its fifth planet, Achilles, is the one most similar to Earth; and rival rocket ship expeditions are launched by the Euro-American and Communist blocs to explore this transient neighbour ... From here on the story is weird and wonderful, the action lively; the scientific ideas are intriguing and the social satire is amusing.
  • Ossian's Ride

    By Fred Hoyle
    Fred Hoyle
    Baffled by the sudden rise of a powerful centre of industrialisation in the south of Ireland, Intelligence in London send a young Cambridge graduate, Thomas Sherwood, to study this phenomenon. He travels as a student, and makes his way to that part of Kerry where Ossian is said to have made his famous ride.
  • Proud Man

    By Murray Constantine
    Murray Constantine
    Originally published in England in 1934, this searing, still timely novel offers and incisive critique of the sexual politics and militarism of England, and the West as a whole.Proud Man is told from the perspective of a "Genuine Person" who has been thrown back in time thousands of years from a peaceful future society. The Genuine Person comes from a people that are androgynous, self-fertilizing, and vegetarian; they live without a national government and artificial social divisions of gender and class. Taking on first female, then male form, the "Genuine Person" confronts the deeply troubled reality of England in the 1930s, still battered after one World War and on the road to another.

    Organic Destiny

    By Arn Romulus, Denis Hughes
    Arn Romulus, Denis Hughes
    Full colour three dimensional television is a target at which engineers will soon be aiming. The technical obstacles are bound to be numerous, and it is also possible that other difficulties of an entirely different nature will arise-as Herrick soon finds out. Herrick had already achieved success on a limited scale, but his work led to curious results when the newly-developed receiver started picking up what appeared to be transmissions from an alien world...

    Brain Palaeo

    By Arn Romulus, Denis Hughes
    Arn Romulus, Denis Hughes
    Working on the theory that an electronic current variation is set up by thought processes within the human brain, Alex Larsen and his fellow scientists developed a system of telepathic cerebral communication. Nothing, it seemed, could be more valuable. Here was a soundless means of communication without complex or bulky equipment. But there was the matter of a mysterious thought-voice that interrupted the experiment...

    The Queen People

    By Russell Rey, Denis Hughes
    Russell Rey, Denis Hughes
    With the eyes of the world upon them, four men leave the surface of the earth to conquer space. Only one person among the crowds who watch is endowed with an inward prescience of what will happen. To watch disaster is no one's wish; to be helpless to avert it is worse. But to be caught up in its horrifying aftermath is something to be avoided at all cost...

    House of Many Changes

    By Van Reed, Denis Hughes
    Van Reed, Denis Hughes
    When creation which is contrary to all the accepted laws of Nature springs directly from Genius in the grip of Evil the results may well take a form so terrible as to be beyond human understanding. Philip Grayling did what he did when he turned his back on the beauty of Right, choosing instead the Paths of Darkness. He perished through the medium of his own foolhardiness, but even in death his genius survived, an ally of Evil. To his sister, Veronique, to his friend, McGrath, and to his partner, Harman, he left a heritage of such awful malignancy that all three were engulfed in a sea of unspeakable peril.


    By John Lane, Denis Hughes
    John Lane, Denis Hughes
    For space operators to find a derelict ship on one of the many dead worlds at the fringe of the Galaxy was not unusual, but in this instance it led to one of the weirdest adventures ever experienced by mortal being. From a salvage point of view it was a worthless find, but its log book-and the small but priceless cargo it carried-opened up a wide field of speculation, prompting the people who found it to penetrate deeper into space in search of the nameless world from which the wreck had come...

    Maid of Thuro

    By John Lane, Denis Hughes
    John Lane, Denis Hughes
    The arrival of a party of aliens from a distant world would arouse mixed feelings in the mind of any human witness involved. But if the strangers prove to be the advance party of a gigantic global migration scheme most human beings would almost certainly be afraid. Hardly surprising, therefore, that Mike and Jay, caught up in the mesh of just such a situation, were two very frightened people. But they were also on the brink of the most fantastic adventure ever woven round the lives of ordinary mortal beings...

    The Fatal Law

    By Brad Kent, Denis Hughes
    Brad Kent, Denis Hughes
    A scientist invents a duplicating ray which leads duplication of human bodies, instantaneous teleportation and a terrifying crime wave.

    Ionic Barrier

    By Von Kellar, Denis Hughes
    Von Kellar, Denis Hughes
    They worked hard, these men in secret places, their aim and object the conquest of space. Obstacles were many, not the least among them being shortage of financial backing. But at last a day came when a guided projectile was launched on its journey into space. Only then did the worst snag of all become apparent...


    By Lee Elliott, Denis Hughes
    Lee Elliott, Denis Hughes
    The aim of Laurie Paton and his colleagues was a goal which no other scientists had ever attained - the creation of a living entity by means of synthetic biological structure. But, working on their isolated island base, they unleashed a force for which they have never bargained, and against which they found themselves powerless. They created, not the entity they aimed at, but a window in Time, and, unexpectedly, a channel through which the Forces of Darkness assailed them.

    Twenty-Four Hours

    By Neil Charles, Denis Hughes
    Neil Charles, Denis Hughes
    Fate's selection of Nick and Pat for the task of preserving the world is one of those problems which will always remain unsolved. Outwardly, they were hardly a suitable pair. One was liable to be branded a traitor; the other was incurably ill. And yet to them fell the colossal responsibility of doing what they did-destroying the alien threat at terrible sacrifice to themselves...