• Sphere
  • 9780751536607
  • $22.99
  • Paperback - B Format
  • September 2006
  • 560 pages
  • Historical fiction

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Greatest Knight

Elizabeth Chadwick

Second novel in a spellbinding standalone trilogy about forgotten hero William Marshal, from acclaimed novelist Elizabeth Chadwick.

A penniless young knight with few prospects, William Marshal is plucked from obscurity when he saves the life of Henry II's formidable queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine. In gratitude, she appoints him tutor to the heir to the throne. However, being a royal favourite brings its share of conflict and envy as well as fame and reward. William's influence over the volatile, fickle Prince Henry and his young wife is resented by less favoured courtiers who set about engineering his downfall.

In a captivating blend of fact and fiction, award-winning novelist Elizabeth Chadwick resurrects one of England's greatest forgotten heroes, restoring him to his rightful place at the apex of the Middle Ages.

About the Author

Much of Elizabeth Chadwick's research is carried out as a member of Regia Anglorum, an early mediaeval re-enactment society with emphasis on accurately re-creating the past. She also tutors in the skill of writing historial and romantic fiction. She won a Betty Trask Award for THE WILD HUNT and has been shortlisted for the RNA Awards three times.

Previous Books:
The Champion, The Love Knot, The Greatest Knight, Shadows and Strongholds, The Falcons of Montabard, The Winter Mantle


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