• Hachette Australia
  • 9780733628023
  • $35.00
  • Hardback
  • October 2011
  • 256 pages
  • Biography: general

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Australian Author

Worse Things Happen at Sea

Sarah Watt

WORSE THINGS HAPPEN AT SEA is about families, suburbs and homes, friends, love and day to day life written by bestselling author William McInnes and award winning filmmaker, photographer and animator Sarah Watt.

In William s first book A MAN S GOT TO HAVE A HOBBY he wrote about family life in the 1960s with humour, affection and honesty. WORSE THINGS HAPPEN AT SEA does the same for family life in the 2000s; written by William and Sarah in a way that many Australians can relate to and enjoy.

This book celebrates the wonderful, messy, haphazard things in life - bringing home babies from hospital, being a friend, a parent, son or daughter, and dog obedience classes. It's about living for twenty years in the family home, raising children there, chasing angry rabbits around the backyard, and renovations that never end. It is also about understanding that sometimes you have to say goodbye; that is part of life too.

Illustrated throughout with Sarah Watt's photographs of family life and beautiful, everyday objects.

About the Author

William McInnes is established in his ability both as a columnist and author in writing pieces that celebrate life whilst encompassing the wide emotions and situations being human can bring. His bestselling titles are A MAN'S GOT TO HAVE A HOBBY, THAT'D BE RIGHT, CRICKET KINGS and THE MAKING OF MODERN AUSTRALIA.

Sarah Watt also wrote about these themes in her films and writing. She studied fine art at the Phillip Institute, Melbourne, and was an AFI award-winning filmmaker who worked as a writer, director and producer for over twenty years. Her films have won major international awards, including at the Venice and Toronto film festivals. Her work is represented in a permanent collection at MOMA, New York. She also wrote and illustrated the children s picture book, CLEM ALWAYS COULD. William and Sarah collaborated on the acclaimed film 'Look Both Ways'.

Sarah Watt died on Friday morning, 4 November 2011, in her home surrounded by her family after living with secondary bone cancer for the last two years.

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