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How to Succeed As A Freelancer In Publishing

Charlie Wilson, Emma Murray

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Prose: non-fiction, Small businesses & self-employed, Advice on careers & achieving success

This book tells you how to build a successful freelance business around supplying publishing services. The publishing industry depends on freelancers: writers and editors, proofreaders and designers, PR and typesetters. For those in the know, there is a wealth of opportunities on offer. Graduates, retired professionals, in-house editors, career-changers - more and more people are taking the plunge and going freelance. You can succeed as a freelancer in publishing, and this book shows you how. It includes top tips; insider knowledge and case studies; information on how to market yourself, deal with finance and find out what your clients are looking for - plus invaluable insights from other successful freelancers and industry experts.

Contents: Acknowledgements; Introduction; What's this book about?; Who's this book for?; Why did we write this book?; Who are the authors?; How do I use this book?; How can I find out more about freelancing?; 1. Suits You, Sir?; Having the necessary ability; Drawing on experience; Thinking about qualifications; Loving your job; Donning your business cap; Being your own boss; Dealing with financial uncertainty; Handling technology; Coping with ebb and flow; Organizing your workload; Handling rejection; Being a people-person; Working from home; Balancing home and work; Considering your health; 2. Setting Up Shop; Considering your timing; Checking that you will be self-employed; Determining your business structure; Registering as self-employed; Setting up Class 2 National Insurance payments; Choosing a business name; Preparing your work environment; 3. Running Your Business; Protecting yourself with terms and conditions; Setting clear boundaries: the project agreement; Signing confidentiality agreements; Understanding copyright; Safeguarding your data; Managing your workload; Keeping happy, healthy, and productive; Going in-house; Evolving your business; Taking time off; Summary; 4. Money, Money, Money; Setting your rates; Charging clients; Getting paid on time; Deducting business expenses; Filing your tax return; Paying your taxes; Opening a business bank account; Finding help; 5. Marketing Your Business; Defining your marketing strategy; Representing your business; Sending mailshots; Building your own website; Selling yourself; Working for free; 6. Keeping Up with the Kids: Digital Marketing; Getting ranked; Socializing virtual-style; Going viral; Paying for the privilege; Maintaining your digital presence; Blogging for your supper; Seeing is believing; Over to the experts: The freelancer's guide to building their reputation on the internet; Case study: Creative marketing; 7. Working with Frenemies; Collaborating with your competitors; Researching your competition; Establishing contact; Passing the buck; Bra

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