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Stephanie Bishop

tells us about herself and her new book The Other Side of the World


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The Girl in the Spider's Web

By David Lagercrantz
She's back on 27 August!She is the girl with the dragon tattoo. Lisbeth Salander. An uncompromising misfit whose burning sense of injustice and talent for investigation will never respect boundaries of state or status.

He is a campaigning journalist. Mikael Blomkvist. A lone wolf whose integrity and championing of the truth bring him time and again to the brink of unemployment - and prosecution.

The call comes in late at night: a superhacker has gained access to critical, top secret U.S. intelligence.

Blomkvist knows only one person who could crack the best security systems in the world. This case has all the hallmarks of Salander. She is accused of acting without reason, taking risks just because she can, but though they have lost touch, Blomkvist knows Lisbeth better than that.

There must be something deeper at the heart of this - maybe even the scoop that Millennium magazine so desperately needs for its survival.

A tangled web of truth that someone is prepared to kill to protect . . .The most original heroine to emerge in crime fiction for many years - IndependentA magnificent creation: a feminist avenging angel - ObserverAn iconic literary heroine - Daily MailA Lara Croft for grown-ups - a female terminator - GuardianDavid Lagercrantz was born in 1962, and is an acclaimed author and journalist. As well as numerous biographies (including the internationally bestselling I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for which he was the ghostwriter) he has written four novels, of which this is the first to be translated into English. In December 2013 it was announced that he would write a continuation of Stieg Larsson's Millennium series.She's back on 27 August!AVAILABLE 27/08/2015Please order in multiples of 20 to meet minimum order requirements and guarantee delivery on the release date.78 million copies of the original trilogy sold worldwide.
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Lasseter's Gold

By Warren Brown
Is there a field of gold lying in the Australian outback, where nuggets are 'as thick as plums in a pudding'?When Harold Bell Lasseter disappeared in late 1930 it could have been the end of a mystery. Thirty-three years earlier he had staggered out of the desert, almost dead, his pockets bulging with gold, claiming to have found a 15 kilometre gold reef. The mystery deepened when he and a surveyor returned to the isolated and mysterious ranges where the reef was supposed to be located. It became legendary when the largest inland expedition since Burke and Wills was launched.

In LASSETER'S GOLD, Warren Brown vividly recreates the drama of the search - the characters, the fights, the soaring temperatures, the impossible terrain, the plane crash, the pistol-carrying dingo-skinner who appeared out of nowhere. And just who was this man Lasseter? A one-time sailor, a bigamist, a man who claimed John Bradfield stole his plans for a single-span bridge to cross Sydney Harbour - was he also a very, very good liar?

LASSETER'S GOLD is the gripping story of an outback legend. Is it just a myth - or is there really a massive gold reef out there, just waiting to be discovered?This book does full justice to his mad exploits. - Sydney Morning Herald on FRANCES BIRTLES'Warren Brown's stirring story of Francis Birtles, a most unusual Australian adventurer - and a hugely popular one in his time - is a pleasure to read.' - The Australian on FRANCIS BIRTLESWarren Brown is the author of FRANCIS BIRTLES which was widely praised on release. He is a cartoonist with the Daily Telegraph and is known widely in the media, including ABC TV and radio.Is there a field of gold lying in the Australian outback, where nuggets are 'as thick as plums in a pudding'?Is there a field of gold lying in the Australian outback, where nuggets are 'as thick as plums in a pudding' are still waiting to be claimed?This is classic Australiana and will appeal to readers of books such as THE OUTBACK MAILMAN.The Central Australian Gold Exploration Expedition (to find Lasseter's Reef) began as the most extravagant foray since Burke & Wills and it was just as 'successful'.It is a true Australian legend - Lasseter's name is familiar to so many but the detail of the story unknown by most these days.Warren Brown knows how to tell a story of larger-than-life characters, action and outback adventure and LASSETER'S REEF is all that and more.Gold rush stories are of perennial interest; David Hill's GOLD! (Random House) has sold over 20,000 copies.

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Is Lisbeth Salander a psycopath?

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By Duncan McNab
The colourful and exciting story of the larger-than-life characters who have populated Australia's docks, wharves and ports from the First Fleet to today - and the crime, violence and corruption that has always been present.Ever since the First Fleet dropped anchor, Australia's ports have been our opening to the world. They are also the breeding ground for many of Australia's most notorious criminals, and a magnet for local and overseas criminal syndicates. WATERFRONT is the story of the crimes, the politics, the characters and the corruption in our nation's ports.

From the time of Phillip and Bligh to today, from the gold rushes to modern-day drug smuggling, a criminal element has always found ways to profit from the rise and dominance of waterfront unions. After a century of Royal Commissions, reports, denials and crackdowns, crime and wrongdoing in Australia's ports remains organised, entrenched and incredibly profitable.

Investigative journalist and former police detective Duncan McNab lifts the lid on the intriguing and chequered history of Australia's waterfront.(DEAD MAN RUNNING by Ross Coulthard and Duncan McNab) A fascinating look at an important, growing part of Australia's underworld. - Sydney Morning HeraldDuncan McNab is a former police detective, private investigator, investigative journalist and media adviser to government and the private sector. He is the author of seven books, including the phenomenally bestselling OUTLAW BIKERS IN AUSTRALIA. Duncan divides his time between Sydney and London.The colourful and exciting story of the larger-than-life characters who have populated Australia's docks, wharves and ports from the First Fleet to today - and the crime, violence and corruption that has always been present.Duncan McNab is an expert on organised crime and an experienced author who is well known to and experienced with the media.This is a gripping and colourful account of a fascinating slice of Australian history - told through characters and events that helped shape the country. It will appeal to the same audience who found the UNDERBELLY series compulsive viewing and reading.There is no other contemporary book covering this area.Will have the same appeal as books such as DARK PARADISE and AUSTRALIAN GOTHIC.This book covers ALL of Australia's waterfront ports - not just the eastern sea board
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By Frank Walker
Extraordinary revelations and daring exploits of Australia's elite secret warriors.Australian and New Zealand special forces are renowned for their bravery, their skill and their sense of duty - so much so that World War II Allied commanders turned to ANZAC soldiers, sailors and airmen to carry out the most dangerous and virtually impossible missions behind enemy lines.

Paddling canoes 4,000 kilometres to attack enemy ships in Singapore; lightning raids on Rommel's forces in the deserts of North Africa. Flying bombers at tree-top level deep into Nazi Germany to destroy vital targets; rescuing sultans and future US presidents from under the noses of the Japanese and playing crucial roles in the greatest commando raid of the war at St Nazaire - the Aussies and Kiwis were there.

The special forces showed incredible bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. They were determined to complete their missions. Often alone and far behind enemy lines, they demonstrated resourcefulness, spirit and a humanity that inspired others to follow them.

Frank Walker, author of bestselling books on the Vietnam War and the British atomic tests in Australia, brings to life the amazing exploits and extraordinary stories of this select band of heroes.Frank Walker is a veteran journalist. His newspaper roles have included being chief reporter for the SUN-HERALD covering defence, veterans affairs, national security and terrorism. He's also worked on the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, the NATIONAL TIMES, for News Limited in New York, and for Deutsche Welle international radio in Germany. In 2009, Hachette published his first book, THE TIGER MAN OF VIETNAM - the remarkable true story of the secret war of Captain Barry Petersen in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It was a bestseller. Frank followed this with his bestselling GHOST PLATOON in 2012 and MARALINGA in 2014. He lives in Sydney with his family. For more visit revelations and daring exploits of Australia's elite secret warriors.AVAILABLE 28/07/2015From the author of the bestselling books, THE TIGER MAN OF VIETNAM, GHOST PLATOON and MARALINGA comes a gripping and insightful investigation into the role of Australia's commandos in WWII.Walker uses extensive research and interviews with veterans to give a new perspective on these gripping Australian war stories.

Circling the Sun

By Paula McLain
The author of The Paris Wife takes us to the heart of another true story: set in 1920s colonial Kenya, Circling the Sun is about an unforgettable woman who lives by nobody's rules but her own.As a young girl, Beryl Markham was brought to Kenya from Britain by parents dreaming of a new life. For her mother, the dream quickly turned sour, and she returned home; Beryl was brought up by her father, who switched between indulgence and heavy-handed authority, allowing her first to run wild on their farm, then incarcerating her in the classroom. The scourge of governesses and serial absconder from boarding school, by the age of sixteen Beryl had been catapulted into a disastrous marriage - but it was in facing up to this reality that she took charge of her own destiny.

Scandalizing high society with her errant behaviour, she left her husband and became the first woman ever to hold a professional racehorse trainer's licence. After falling in with the notoriously hedonistic and gin-soaked Happy Valley set, Beryl soon became embroiled in a complex love triangle with the writer Karen Blixen and big game-hunter Denys Finch Hatton (immortalized in Blixen's memoir Out of Africa). It was this unhappy affair which set tragedy in motion, while awakening Beryl to her truest self, and to her fate: to fly.Paula McLain cements herself as THE writer of historical fictional memoir with CIRCLING THE SUN, giving vivid voice to Beryl Markham, a singular, extraordinary woman whose name we all know -- and whose story we don't. In a brilliant move, McLain hardly focuses at all on the trans-Atlantic flight that made the aviator so famous, choosing instead to explore what happened before: Markham's unorthodox childhood in Kenya, a failed marriage, and a star-crossed love affair with Denys Finch Hatton. The result? In McLain's confident hands, Markham crackles to life, and we readers truly understand what made a woman so far ahead of her time believe she had the power to soar. - Jodi Picoult, #1 NYT Bestselling Author of LEAVING TIMESeductive . . . we enjoy nights awash with absinthe in the giddy company of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound and Gertrude Stein - Daily Mail on The Paris WifeMcLain's beautifully imagined novel is a worthy addition to the Hemingway canon. It is sharp, unsparing and delivered in a pared-down prose that the great man himself would have applauded - Sunday Telegraph on The Paris WifePaula McLain received an MFA in poetry from the University of Michigan and has been awarded fellowships from Yaddo, the MacDowell Colony, and the National Endowment for the Arts. She is the author of two collections of poetry, as well as a memoir, Like Family, and the bestselling novel, The Paris Wife. She lives in Cleveland with her family.The author of The Paris Wife takes us to the heart of another true story: set in 1920s colonial Kenya, Circling the Sun is about an unforgettable woman who lives by nobody's rules but her own.The Paris Wife sold 26,000 copies through Bookscan Australia.
Hachette Australia

The Other Side of the World

By Stephanie Bishop
A story of melancholy beauty that proves the only thing harder than losing home is trying to find it again. 'A striking new voice, calm and fresh' - Helen Garner on Stephanie Bishop's debut novel, THE SINGING.Cambridge, 1963.

Charlotte is struggling. With motherhood, with the changes marriage and parenthood bring, with losing the time and the energy to paint. Her husband, Henry, wants things to be as they were and can't face the thought of another English winter.

A brochure slipped through the letterbox slot brings him the answer: 'Australia brings out the best in you'.

Despite wanting to stay in the place that she knows, Charlotte is too worn out to fight. Before she has a chance to realise what it will mean, she is travelling to the other side of the world. Arriving in Perth, the southern sun shines a harsh light on both Henry and Charlotte and slowly reveals that their new life is not the answer either was hoping for. Charlotte is left wondering if there is anywhere she belongs and how far she'll go to find her way home . . .

The story of Charlotte and Henry - the melancholy beauty of its prose, and the sharpness of its insights into nostalgia and belonging - has stayed with me for weeks now. - Geordie Williamson, Chief Literary Critic, THE AUSTRALIANA stunning emerging Australian writer, Stephanie Bishop's first novel was THE SINGING, for which she was named one of the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD's Best Young Australian Novelists. THE SINGING was also highly commended for the Kathleen Mitchell Award. This, her second novel, was recently shortlisted for the 2014 Australian/Vogel's Literary Award under the title DREAM ENGLAND.

Stephanie's fiction and poetry have appeared in SOUTHERLY, OVERLAND and ISLAND and she is a frequent contributor to THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT, THE AUSTRALIAN, THE SYDNEY REVIEW OF BOOKS, THE AUSTRALIAN BOOK REVIEW and the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD. She is a recipient of an Australia Council New Work Grant, an Asialink Fellowship, an Australian Society of Authors Mentorship, a Varuna Mentorship Fellowship and Varuna Residency Fellowship. She holds a PhD from Cambridge and is currently a lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of New South Wales. She is currently at work on two new projects - a third novel and a collection of essays. Stephanie lives in Sydney.A story of melancholy beauty that proves the only thing harder than losing home is trying to find it again. 'A striking new voice, calm and fresh' - Helen Garner on Stephanie Bishop's debut novel, THE SINGING.Exciting award-winning Australian literary voice publishes her second novel.Already raves from literary editor of THE AUSTRALIAN.'A striking new voice, calm and fresh. Her story has the seductive authority and the quietly shocking beauty of a dream.' - Helen Garner on Stephanie Bishop's debut novel, THE SINGING.Available on NetGalley

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No Cure For Love

By Peter Robinson
Vintage Peter Robinson: a standalone LAPD crime thriller, written and set 20 years ago - never before available in Australia.Before you discovered DCI Banks, Detective Arvo Hughes was on the case in this vintage standalone crime thriller from Peter Robinson.

In 1990s Los Angeles, the beautiful star of a hit TV cop show is being sent strange letters.

At first, Sarah Broughton dismisses the letters as the ramblings of a lonely fan. But when the letters take on a disturbing tone and Sarah discovers a body in the sand outside her Malibu beach house, the experts are brought in.

Working as a detective in the LAPD Threat Management Unit, Arvo Hughes has seen it all before: stalkers, love obsessionals, erotomaniacs - willing to kill themselves and their supposed love objects over their devotion. He knows the language they use and the patterns they follow.

But there is no pattern to follow here. Dealing with a highly unpredictable but extremely violent killer, Arvo feels certain Sarah's stalker must have met her before. But with the squeaky-clean star doing all she can to keep memories of a shady history locked away, Arvo must delve into her past himself.In No Cure for Love Peter Robinson takes his readers to two places a world apart with ease and authority. He knows his turf and he has seeded it with action, intrigue and fine writing. . . . [A] great read! And it goes on my shelf of favourite L.A. novels. - Michael ConnellyThis is a fast-paced novel with great characters and a tight plot. Robinson has done his homework and his Los Angelenos have the ring of authenticity. Looks like Hughes and Hernandez may just join Banks on the series shelf. - Globe and MailAll the characters are strong and well-drawn...and the plot is cunning and taut - Ottawa CitizenIn 1994, Peter Robinson wrote his second standalone novel, No Cure for Love, out of a long-standing fascination with Los Angeles - from the movies of his childhood to the novels of Raymond Chandler. By 1995, he had already won and been nominated for numerous awards and had written the first six DCI Banks novels.

Twenty years on, there are now twenty-two books in the critically acclaimed DCI Banks series - which has been made into a major ITV1 drama - and Peter has also written two collections of short stories. Peter's books have won the Arthur Ellis award six times to date, and in 2013 he won the IMBA's 2013 Dilys Award for his most recent standalone novel, Before the Poison.

Originally published in 1995, No Cure for Love is now available in the UK for the first time, with an introduction by Michael ConnellyVintage Peter Robinson: a standalone LAPD crime thriller, written and set 20 years ago - never before available in Australia.AVAILABLE 28/07/2015. Hardback edition to be published at the same time. Please see Indent Fiction.Vintage crime by a bestseller: a brilliant serial killer/LAPD police thriller that was published 20 years ago in US and Canada, but has never been available before in this market.Michael Connelly has written a new foreword which places the book in contextPeter Robinson's sales are growing in print and ebook; in a year without a new Robinson, this classic LA crime novel will delight his fans

Broken Promise

By Linwood Barclay
No. 1 bestseller Linwood Barclay delivers another masterclass in suspense.The morning it all started, newspaper reporter David Harwood had plenty to worry about. A single parent with no job, forced to return with his young son to the small town of Promise Falls to live with his parents, the future wasn't looking too rosy. So when his mother asked him to look in on his cousin Marla, who was still not quite right after losing her baby, it was almost a relief to put the disaster his own life had become to one side.

The relief wouldn't last long.

When he gets to Marla's house he's disturbed to find a smear of blood on the front door. He's even more disturbed to find Marla nursing a baby, a baby she claims was delivered to her 'by an angel.' And when, soon after, a woman's body is discovered across town, stabbed to death, with her own baby missing, it looks as if Marla has done something truly terrible.

But while the evidence seems overwhelming, David just can't believe that his cousin is a murderer. In which case, who did kill Rosemary Gaynor? And why did they then take her baby and give it to Marla? With the police convinced they have an open and shut case, it's up to David to find out what really happened, but he soon discovers that the truth could be even more disturbing...[A] killer of a thriller - NEW YORK TIMES on A Tap on the WindowSure-fire and highly adroit storytellers as Barclay, whose speciality is to take ordinary people and to gradually dismantle all the meaningful elements in their lives ... This is Barclay firing on all cylinders - FINANCIAL TIMES on A Tap on the WindowLinwood Barclay, the current king of the multi-twisted plot, returns for another fast-but-thoughtful thriller ... believable characters and unbelievable twists - it's a winning combination - MORNING STAR on A Tap on the WindowThe spare, direct prose and cliff-hanger chapter endings drive a tension-fuelled tale that is underpinned by a bleakly fatalistic noir tone - IRISH TIMES on A Tap on the WindowBarclay is such an old pro that you feel he can now write these terrific thrillers standing on his head. His great talent is to infuse the most everyday things with extraordinary menace - DAILY MAILSeamless, breathless and relentlessly paced, Barclay barely puts a foot wrong - MIRRORLinwood Barclay is the international bestselling author of many critically acclaimed novels, including No Safe House, A Tap on the Window, Trust Your Eyes and the Richard & Judy 2008 Summer Read winner and number one bestseller, No Time for Goodbye. He lives near Toronto with his wife.No. 1 bestseller Linwood Barclay delivers another masterclass in suspense.The movie adaptation of TRUST YOUR EYES is in development with Todd Phillips directing.Linwood's No Time for Goodbye AND The Accident have both been optioned for TV in France!Linwood consistently out sells Harlan Coben in the UKHis books contain more twists and turns than a pretzel on a rollercoater

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A Game for All the Family

By Sophie Hannah
Queen of psychological crime Sophie Hannah is back with a chilling standalone novel - a literary puzzle set to unlock the dark side of the mind . . .'One of the great unmissables of this genre - intelligent, classy and with a wonderfully Gothic imagination' - The Times

Justine thought she knew who she was, until an anonymous caller seemed to know better...

After escaping London and a career that nearly destroyed her, Justine plans to spend her days doing as little as possible in her beautiful home in Devon.

But soon after the move, her daughter Ellen starts to withdraw when her new best friend, George, is unfairly expelled from school. Justine begs the head teacher to reconsider, only to be told that nobody's been expelled - there is, and was, no George.

Then the anonymous calls start: a stranger, making threats that suggest she and Justine share a traumatic past and a guilty secret - yet Justine doesn't recognise her voice. When the caller starts to talk about three graves - two big and one small, to fit a child - Justine fears for her family's safety.

If the police can't help, she'll have to eliminate the danger herself, but first she must work out who she's supposed to be...For those who demand emotional intelligence and literary verve from their thrillers, Sophie Hannah is the writer of choice - GuardianOne of the great unmissables of this genre - intelligent, classy and with a wonderfully Gothic imagination - The TimesThe language in Sophie Hannah's novels is so precise and elegantly phrased. More noteworthy, perhaps, is her sure grasp of psychology - particularly that of her beleaguered heroines, often thrown into chaos by the effects of crime or a catastrophic misjudgement on their own part - Financial TimesTension, thy name is Sophie Hannah - IndependentThe genius of Hannah's domestic thrillers - along with the twistiest plots known to woman - is that she creates ordinary people whose psychological quirks make them as monstrous as any serial killer - GuardianSophie Hannah is the internationally bestselling author of ten psychological thrillers, as well as The Monogram Murders, the first Hercule Poirot mystery to be written and published since Agatha Christie's death, approved by her estate.

Sophie's books have been published in thirty-four languages and fifty-one territories, and she is also an award-winning short story writer and poet. Sophie's fifth collection of poetry, Pessimism for Beginners, was shortlisted for the TS Eliot Award, and in 2004 she won first prize in the Daphne du Maurier Festival Short Story Competition for her psychological suspense story 'The Octopus Nest'. Sophie's poetry is studied at GCSE, A-level and degree level across the UK.

The Carrier, Sophie's psychological thriller, won the Crime Thriller of the Year award at the 2013 Specsavers National Book Awards, and The Point of Rescue and The Other Half Lives have both been adapted for television as ITV's Case Sensitive.

Sophie lives in Cambridge with her husband and two children, where she is a Fellow Commoner at Lucy Cavendish College.Queen of psychological crime Sophie Hannah is back with a chilling standalone novel - a literary puzzle set to unlock the dark side of the mind . . .Sophie Hannah is an unstoppable force in psychological crime, winning the Specsavers National Book Award for Crime Book of the Year 2013 with THE CARRIER and commissioned by the estate of Agatha Christie to write the first Hercule Poirot novel since Christie's death, publication September 2014.Sophie has been one of the big-name authors selected to be part of the 2015 Quick Reads programme with her short novel Pictures or It Didn't Happen.Sophie Hannah's critical acclaim is extraordinary - she is held in high regard by reviewers and fellow crime writers alikeSophie appeals to reading groups as well as crime fans with her combination of challenging puzzle, psychological suspense and high-quality writing.A standalone novel and great quality crime fiction.

Devil's Bridge

By Linda Fairstein
In the most intense Alexandra Cooper thriller ever, New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein takes readers where they have never been before: inside the mind of NYPD Detective Mike Chapman.The Manhattan waterfront is one of New York City's most magnificent vistas, boasting both the majestic Statue of Liberty and the busy George Washington Bridge. But Detective Mike Chapman is about to become far too well acquainted with the dangerous side of the Hudson river and its islands when he takes on his most personal case yet: the disappearance of Alex Cooper.

Coop is missing - but there are so many leads and terrifying complications: scores of enemies she has made after a decade of putting criminals behind bars; a recent security breach with dangerous repercussions; and a new intimacy in her relationship with Mike, causing the Police Commissioner himself to be wary of the methods Mike will use to get Coop back... if he can.If it is authenticity you demand, Linda Fairstein has got it in spades...she delivers the other ingredients, too: engaging characters, an intelligent story full of twists and terrific tension - The TimesFor three decades, Linda Fairstein served in the office of the New York County District Attorney, where she was Chief of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit. In 2010 she was presented with the Silver Bullet Award from the International Thriller Writers.In the most intense Alexandra Cooper thriller ever, New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein takes readers where they have never been before: inside the mind of NYPD Detective Mike Chapman.CBS TV Studios and Samuel L Jackson's UppiTV have optioned the rights to a TV series starring Alex Cooper and Samuel L Jackson and Linda Fairstein will produceLinda Fairstein's novels are Sunday Times Top Ten bestsellers in both hardback and

Kitchens of the Great Midwest

By J. Ryan Stradal
Punchy, fun and irresistible, this is the story of a girl who becomes a world-famous chef, told by those who love her, envy her and never forget her.Who is Eva Thorvald?

To her single father, a chef, she's a pint-sized recipe tester and the love of his life. To the chilli chowdown contestants of Cook County, Illinois, she's a fire-eating demon. To the fashionable foodie goddess of supper clubs, she's a wanton threat. She's an enigma, a secret ingredient that no one can put their finger on. Eva will surprise everyone.

On the day before her eleventh birthday, she's cultivating chilli peppers in her wardrobe like a pro. Abandoned by her mother, gangly and poor, Eva arms herself with the weapons of her unknown heritage: a kick-ass palate and a passion bordering on obsession.

Over the years, her tastes grow, and so does her ambition. One day Eva will be the greatest chef in the world. But along the way, the people she meets will shape her - and she, them - in ways unforgettable, riotous and profound. So she - for one - knows exactly who she is by the time her mother returns to find out.

Kitchens of the Great Midwest is about the family you lose, the friends you make and chance connections that can define a life. Joyful, quirky or brazen, everyone lends their voice to tell Eva's story - one that's as heartwarming as it is irresistible, taking the bitter with the sweet.Kitchens of the Great Midwest is a big-hearted, funny, and class-transcending pleasure. It's also both a structural and empathetic tour de force, stepping across worlds in the American midwest, and demonstrating with an enviable tenderness and ingenuity the tug of war between our freedom to pursue our passions and our obligations to those we love. - Jim Shepard, author of THE BOOK OF ARONTender, funny, and moving, J. Ryan Stradal's debut novel made me crave my mother's magic cookie bars...and every good tomato I've ever had the privilege of eating. Kitchens of the Great Midwest manages to be at once sincere yet sharply observed, thoughtful yet swiftly paced, and the lives of its fallible, realistic, and complicated characters mattered to me deeply. It's a fantastic book. - Edan Lepucki, bestselling author of CALIFORNIAIn Kitchens of the Great Midwest, a charming, fast-moving round robin tale of food, sensuality and Midwestern culture, Mr. Stradal has delivered one extremely tasty, well-seasoned debut in what is sure to be a long and savory career - Janet Fitch, author WHITE OLEANDERFrom the quite literally burning passions of a lonely eleven-year-old girl with an exceptional palate, to the ethical dilemmas behind a batch of Blue Ribbon Peanut Butter Bars, J. Ryan Stradal writes with a special kind of meticulous tenderness - missing nothing and accepting everything.J. Ryan Stradal's writing has appeared in The Rumpus, Los Angeles Review of Books, Rattling Wall, McSweeney's: The Goods, and Hobart, among other places, and he edits the fiction section of The Nervous Breakdown. Born and raised in Minnesota, he now lives in Los Angeles, where he co-hosts a literary-culinary events series called Hot Dish and has worked as a TV producer, notably for Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch. He does not own a gun and a motorcycle, which makes him unique among the men in his extended family.Punchy, fun and irresistible, this is the story of a girl who becomes a world-famous chef, told by those who love her, envy her and never forget her.AVAILABLE 28/07/2015. Hardback edition to be published at the same time. Please see Indent Fiction.Has the verve and fresh delivery of Olive Kitteridge and Where d'Ya Go, Bernadette?A book that can be enjoyed like a meal - recipes scattered throughout with a touch of magical realism (think LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE).Pitched for literary crossover and reading groups.This book ties in with the Australian foodie culture and obsession with 'pretentious' restaurants.Manuscript available on NetGalley.

Silent Creed

By Alex Kava
Hot on the heels of Breaking Creed comes a new action-packed thriller featuring Ryder Creed, ex-marine turned K9 rescue dog trainer, from New York Times bestselling author Alex Kava.Most of them were asleep in their beds when the ground gave way. . . .

When Ryder Creed responds to a devastating mudslide in North Carolina, he knows the difference between finding survivors and the dead - is time. Heedless of the dangers, Creed and his best search-and-rescue dog Bolo frantically wade through the chaos of twisted tree limbs, crumbled cement, and unrecognisable debris, when a second slide catches up with Ryder. And he is buried alive.

Bolo makes it out, though, and leads the heroic rescue of his master. But what they get when they pull Ryder from the mud is much more than they bargained for. This dramatic incident reveals secrets that run deep, pointing to a possible serial killer and unexpectedly dredging up painful, hushed-up pieces of Creed's own past.

The mysteries unearthed will bring Ryder Creed face-to-face with his past loyalties, deeply embedded survivor's guilt, and a powerful figure from his past. He'll have to rely on his dogs if he wants to make it through alive...Rip-roaring action - Tess GerritsenAmid a barrel full of red herrings...the suspenseful plot builds to a finale that offers an irresistible lure to Maggie's next outing - Publishers Weekly on FireproofAlex Kava is the internationally bestselling author of the Maggie O'Dell and Ryder Creed series. She grew up in Nebraska and now divides her time between Omaha and Pensicola, Florida. A former PR director, she now writes full time and is a regular New York Times bestseller.Hot on the heels of Breaking Creed comes a new action-packed thriller featuring Ryder Creed, ex-marine turned K9 rescue dog trainer, from New York Times bestselling author Alex Kava.High-octane new spin-off series starring fan favourite Ryder Creed.Alex Kava has sold 180,000 books in Australia (Bookscan).Will appeal to fans of Karin Slaughter, Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs and is perfect for the female end of the forensic thriller market.Perfect for dog lovers and those interested in K9 Search and Rescue dogs.

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

By Felicia Day
From online entertainment mogul, actress and 'queen of the geeks' Felicia Day comes a funny, quirky and inspiring memoir about her unusual upbringing, her rise to Internet-stardom and embracing her individuality to find success in Hollywood.The Internet isn't all cat videos. There's also Felicia Day - violinist, filmmaker, Internet entrepreneur, compulsive gamer and former lonely home-schooled girl who overcame her isolated childhood to become the ruler of a new world . . . or at least semi-influential in the world of Internet geeks and Goodreads book clubs.

After growing up in the south where she was 'home-schooled for hippie reasons', Felicia moved to Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming an actress and was immediately typecast as a crazy cat-lady secretary. But Felicia's misadventures in Hollywood led her to produce her own web series, own her own production company and become an Internet star.

Felicia's short-ish life and her rags-to-riches rise to Internet fame launched her career as one of the most influential creators in new media. Now, Felicia's strange world is filled with thoughts on creativity, video games, and a dash of mild feminist activism - just like her memoir.

Hilarious and inspirational, YOU'RE NEVER WEIRD ON THE INTERNET (ALMOST) is proof that everyone should embrace what makes them different and be brave enough to share it with the world, because anything is possible now - even for a digital misfit.Felicia Day is a professional actress who has appeared in numerous mainstream television shows and films, including a two-season arc on the SyFy series Eureka. She is currently recurring on The CW show Supernatural. However, Day is best known for her work in the web video world, behind and in front of the camera. She co-starred in Joss Whedon's Emmy Award-winning Internet musical, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. She also created and starred in the hit web series The Guild, which ran for six seasons and is currently available for viewing on every major digital outlet, including Netflix.

In 2012, she launched a YouTube channel called Geek & Sundry. The network has garnered more than 1.3 million subscribers to date and more than 200 million views. In 2014, the company was purchased by Legendary Entertainment. Day continues to act as CCO and develop web content and television projects with Legendary as a producer, writer, and performer. She is also extremely active on social media, has over 2.3 million Twitter followers, and is the eighth most followed person on Goodreads, where she is also the founder of Vaginal Fantasy, a romance and fantasy book club with more than 13,000 members.From online entertainment mogul, actress and 'queen of the geeks' Felicia Day comes a funny, quirky and inspiring memoir about her unusual upbringing, her rise to Internet-stardom and embracing her individuality to find success in Hollywood.Felicia Day has a huge online following, with more than 2 million Twitter followers, just under 200k subscribers to her personal YouTube channel and 1.1m subscribers to the Geek and Sundry channel.This is a hilarious memoir in the tradition of Tina Fey's BOSSYPANTS, Amy Poehler's YES PLEASE and Mindy Kaling's IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME?

Kellie Arrowsmith

on her new book Skimpy

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By Stuart Coupe
The real story of the man behind the bands - and a backstage pass to forty years of Australian rock music.Known to many as GODinski, Michael Gudinski is unquestionably the most powerful and influential figure in the Australian rock'n'roll music business - and has been for the last four decades.

Often referred to as 'the father of the Australian music industry', he has nurtured the careers of many artists - Kylie Minogue, Jimmy Barnes, Paul Kelly, Skyhooks, Split Enz, Yothu Yindi, to name just a few. But his reach isn't limited to Australian artists. With his Frontier Touring Company, Gudinski has toured The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Sting ... pretty much a who's who of the arena level international music scene.

A self-made multi-millionaire, Gudinski is the Australian equivalent of Richard Branson or David Geffen, but who is this tough, inspired, flamboyant and impassioned businessman who has shaped Australian popular culture? Where did he come from, and how has he stayed relevant for so long in an industry notorious for its fickleness? Rock journalist Stuart Coupe delves into Gudinski's life to find the answers - and in doing so gives us a backstage pass to forty years of Australian rock.Stuart Coupe is a freelance journalist, one-time band manager and now runs his own independent record label, Laughing Outlaw Records. He's been involved in the music industry all his life. He wrote THE PROMOTERS in 2003 and has contributed to many magazines and newspapers.The real story of the man behind the bands - and a backstage pass to forty years of Australian rock music.AVAILABLE 28/07/2015This is the story of the ultimate rock insider - and a very successful businessman.The Michael Gudinski story is also the story of rock'n'roll music in Australia - and till now one that hasn't been told.The author, Stuart Coupe, has been involved with the music industry all his life. He knows everyone in the industry.Stuart is an experienced media performer and will be able to promote the book extensively and with great presence and professionalism.

Close Your Eyes

By Michael Robotham
The chilling new psychological thriller from one of the most brilliant crime authors of todayI close my eyes and feel my heart begin racing

Someone is coming

They're going to find me

A mother and her teenage daughter are found brutally murdered in a remote farmhouse, one defiled by multiple stab wounds and the other left lying like Sleeping Beauty waiting for her Prince. Reluctantly, clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin is drawn into the investigation when a former student, calling himself the 'Mindhunter', trading on Joe's name, has jeopardised the police inquiry by leaking details to the media and stirring up public anger.

With no shortage of suspects and tempers beginning to fray, Joe discovers links between these murders to a series of brutal attacks where the men and women are choked unconscious and the letter 'A' is carved into their foreheads.

As the case becomes ever more complex, nothing is quite what it seems and soon Joe's fate, and that of those closest to him, become intertwined with a merciless, unpredictable killer . . .Never-lets-up suspense and beautiful writing - Stephen KingFew British writers can ramp up the tension as skilfully as Robotham. A winner - Irish IndependentRobotham is the real deal - David BaldacciThe grand master of this dark genre - Weekend AustralianMichael Robotham started his career as a journalist but then became a ghostwriter, writing many bestselling autobiographies in collaboration with politicians, pop stars, psychologists, adventurers and showbusiness personalities. His thrillers have been translated into twenty-two languages and he has twice won Australia's Ned Kelly Award for best crime novel. He was shortlisted for the CWA Steel Dagger in 2007 and 2008 and was also shortlisted for the inaugral ITV3 Thriller Awards.The chilling new psychological thriller from one of the most brilliant crime authors of todayRobotham's books have sold over 450,000 copies in the UK and AustraliaA pulse-stopping thriller from a remarkable author - stunning praise from Stephen King, Linwood Barclay, Peter James and Val McDermid
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Kingdom of the Strong

By Tony Cavanaugh
Acclaimed crime writer Tony Cavanaugh is back with a gripping new novel featuring Australia's answer to Michael Connelly's Hieronymus Bosch - Darian Richards.Darian Richards is an ex-cop, a good one. He did whatever it took to solve a crime and stop the bad guy. Whatever it took! But after sixteen years as the head of Victoria's Homicide Squad, he'd had enough of promising victims' families he'd find the answers they needed. He had to walk away to save his sanity.

Now Police Commissioner Copeland Walsh has tracked Darian down. He needs him to help clear an old case. The death of Isobel Vine. The coroner gave an open finding. An open finding that never cleared the cloud of doubt that hovered over four young cops who were present the night Isobel died.

Twenty-five years later, one of those young cops is next in line to become police commissioner, so Copeland Walsh needs the case closed once and for all. In his mind there is only one man for the job. One man who would be completely independent. One man who has never bowed to political or police pressure. One man who knows how to get the job done - Darian Richards.

Darian is going back to stir a hornet's nest. But once Darian is on a case he won't back off tracking down evil, no matter who he has to take down.Chilling and memorable; top-notch Aussie Noir - Weekend Australian on PROMISECompulsive reading, Promise itself is more menacing, more disturbing and much more confronting than any other crime thriller on the shelves. It is brutal. It is terrifying. It is a brilliant book. - Rob Minshull, ABC Radio on PromiseOne of the most complex and uncompromising heroes since Harry Bosch. - Weekend Australian on DEAD GIRL SINGI literally tore through this book... Cavanaugh again trawls through the dark recesses of humanity and you can't look away... Cavanaugh isn't emulating any established international crime writers, he is joining them in his own unique right - on DEAD GIRL SINGTony Cavanaugh brings new depth and dimension to crime fiction in this country. - The Weekend West on THE TRAIN RIDERTony Cavanaugh is an Australian crime novelist, screenwriter and film and television producer. He has over thirty years' experience in the film industry, has lectured at several prestigious universities and has been a regular guest on radio commenting on the film and television industry. His Darian Richards novels which include PROMISE, DEAD GIRL SING and THE TRAIN RIDER, have been highly praised.

For more information about Tony Cavanaugh visit his Facebook page ( or follow him on Twitter (@TonyCavanaugh1).Acclaimed crime writer Tony Cavanaugh is back with a gripping new novel featuring Australia's answer to Michael Connelly's Hieronymus Bosch - Darian Richards.AVAILABLE 28/07/2015Fourth book in the acclaimed Darian Richards crime series that includes PROMISE, DEAD GIRL SING and THE TRAIN RIDER.For fans of Harry Bosch and TRUE DETECTIVE.Moves the series back to Victoria and takes it in a topical new direction - police corruption.Top-notch Aussie crime - dark, stark and perfectly paced.UK and German rights sold of the first three books in the series.