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The Maze in the Mirror

Jack L. Chalker

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Fiction, Science fiction

I'm Horowitz. Private eye. I work of G.O.D., Inc. - the company that rules the Labyrinth between infinite alternate Earths. Only now I've got new clients - vengeful rebels out to wreck the Labyrinth. But their Big Plan's on hold: one of the inner circle's dead, leaving eight conspirator/ prime suspends on eight private worlds.

And finding the killer's the least of my problems. The rebels play for high stakes - and I know too much to live. If I succeed, they'll kill me. If I stall, they'll blow up a planet - ours. If I escape, the Company will kill me. If I stop the rebel scheme, my wife and child will be turned into mindless drug-sex slaves.

But if I don't stop them, they'll unleash a force that might well cremate Earths. All Earths. In all universes. Throughout all creation...

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