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The Cassini Division: Book Three: The Fall Revolution Series

Ken Macleod

6 Reviews

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Fall Revolutions, Fiction, Science fiction, Space opera

The acclaimed third novel from one of the genre's most exciting new talents.

Ellen May Ngwethu is a young woman with centuries of experience, no morality and the true knowledge. The world she knows is about to end.

The Cassini Division, elite defence force of the Solar Union, sends her on a search for the man whose knowledge could save it. A search that takes her from space to the ruins of London, and back; from the margins of her socialist-anarchist world to its most dangerous edge. The Division's orbital forts around Jupiter are the front line in a centuries-long conflict with post-human AIs, whose intentions are unknown but whose powers once extended to shattering Ganymede and building a wormhole bridge to the far future. Their radio-borne viruses blanket the Solar System, keeping most of its resources from humanity's grasp.

But are the post-humans less hostile than they seem

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Praise for The Cassini Division: Book Three: The Fall Revolution Series

  • 'This man's going to be a major writer.' Iain M. Banks

  • 'Prose sleek and fast as the technology it describes...Watch this man go global.' Peter F. Hamilton

  • 'Great sci-fi.' FOCUS

  • 'MacLeod still writes with charm and wit.' SFX

  • 'the wit and thrust of the book are like a needle shower. It is a joyous tale.' MAIL ON SUNDAY

  • 'With his third novel, Ken MacLeod elaborates further on the future timeline of his first two, The Star Fraction (1995) and The Stone Canal (1996). Most relevant is book two, which established a colony on the remote world New Mars via a spatial wormhole created by superhumans--transcendent machine-hosted intelligences called the "fast-folk". The original fast-folk crashed from too much contemplation of their metaphorical navels, but their descendants on Jupiter still harass Earth with virus transmissions that have killed off computers and the Internet. Enter black heroine Ellen May Ngwethu of the Cassini Division, an elite space-going force created to defend against the fast- folk. Her wild doings in the 24th century's anarcho-socialist utopia make for fun reading-- everyone will covet her smart-matter clothing that can become a spacesuit, combat outfit, evening gown or satellite dish at will. But Ellen's and the Division's political philosophy is brutally tough, with alarming plans to use a planet-wrecking doomsday weapon against "enemies" who may not in fact be hostile. In a climax of slam-bang space battle, MacLeod crashes the ongoing ethical debate into a brick wall and leaves you gasping. Witty, skilful, provocative, and just a trifle too glibly resolved.' - David Langford, AMAZON.CO.UK REVIEW

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Ken Macleod

Ken Macleod is one of the leading lights of the new generation of British SF writers. Nominated for numerous awards he is publihsed around the world to unaminous critical acclaim.

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