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5 Minutes With ... Tania Cox

Grab a coffee and spend 5 minutes with Tania as she chats with us about her latest book


Ready Player Read

Finally beat DOOM and want a good book to follow it up? Or just finished DUNE and looking for your next game? Like pairing fine wines (classic SFF books) with delicious cheese (my fave RPGs), here’s my book/game cross-recs!


Seven Things You Oughtta Know about Martha Gellhorn and Ernest Hemingway

Can’t wait to get your hands on Love and Ruin? Us either! Check out these quick hits of Gellhorn and Hemingway trivia.


Get the inside scoop on Victoria Aveyard's visit Down Under!

Author of the bestselling Red Queen series was in Australia, and here's everything she got up to . . .


Alison Weir's Six Salacious Tudor Scandals

Who better to talk tawdry Tudor scandals than Six Tudor Queens author, Alison Weir?