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Falling Sideways

Tom Holt

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Fiction, Fantasy

The hilarious new comic fantasy novel from the most inventive writer in the field.

From the moment the first Homo Sapiens descended from the trees, possibly onto their heads, humanity has striven towards civilisation. Fire. The Wheel. Running Away from furry things with more teeth than one might reasonably expect - all are testament to man's ultimate ascendancy.

It is a noble story, a triumph of intelligence over adversity and so, of course, complete and utter fiction.

For one man has discovered the hideous truth: that humanity's ascent has been ruthlessly guided by a small gang of devious frogs.

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Praise for Falling Sideways

  • Falling Sideways is Tom Holt's 19th comic-fantasy romp. For a change it leans (sideways, of course) towards the lunatic fringe of science fiction, with unlikely aliens and cloning techniques at the heart of its demented plot. - Nerdish hero David Perkins falls in love with a girl in a painting, Philippa, who was burned as a witch 400 years ago. By amazing coincidence a lock o

  • The trouble with the cloned Philippa isn't merely that she comes expensive (Honest John asks remarkably little, but that lock of hair was ?15,000). It's that she somehow knows too much about the 21st century and already has a boyfriend who isn't David. Wa - David's rollercoaster adventures continue with police arrest for murder, escape after a one-eyed lawyer gives him (a brand-new ploy) a cake hidden in

  • Further story convolutions are largely indescribable. Key ingredients include frogspawn, dandruff and (the secret of interstellar travel) white sugar. Soon there's more than one Philippa in circulation. Froggy transformations abound. David makes astonishing discoveries about his true identity and enormous family. Libel lawyers advise us not to quote the Microsoft jokes. - Cheerful silliness in the characteristic Holt style.'

  • David Langford, AMAZON.CO.UK REVIEW

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Tom Holt

Tom Holt was born in London in 1961. At Oxford he studied bar billiards, ancient Greek agriculture and the care and feeding of small, temperamental Japanese motorcycle engines. These interests led him, perhaps inevitably, to qualify as a solicitor and emigrate to Somerset, where he specialised in death and taxes for seven years before going straight in 1995. He lives in Chard, Somerset, with his wife and daughter.

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