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A Matter Of Facts: The Insider's Guide To Quizzing

Marcus Berkmann

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Prose: non-fiction, Humour collections & anthologies

* A hilarious look at the extraordinary phenomenon of the male desire to compete

Marcus Berkmann is a competitive obsessive but where he was very bad at cricket (see RAIN MEN) he's a brilliantly knowledgeable nerd and a great success at pub quizzes. He's possibly the only man in Britain whom Nick Hornby is jealous of - because his team beat Hornby's in a pub quiz and went on to win the EVENING STANDARD knockout tournament.

This hilarious book will do for quiz culture - from Mastermind to Fifteen to One to the quiz in your local - what LOST IN MUSIC did for bad rock bands. Thousands of people take part in quizzes every week answering questions such as who won the League Cup in 1972 (Stoke City beat Chelsea 3-2) and which of Henry VIII's wives was both a widow and a virgin when she married him (Catherine of Aragon)

Funny, informative, original: this book has all the answers - including the one to question six.

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Praise for A Matter Of Facts: The Insider's Guide To Quizzing

  • 'A hugely enjoyable book, and you do not have to love quizzes to love it. It tells us why we behave in the way we do; it makes us laugh at ourselves and casts a light on our folly - LITERARY REVIEW

  • Full-time quiz legend Marcus Berkmann can unlock that stash of useless facts lurking in your brain - GUARDIAN

  • Surely the most entertaining and informative book about quizzes, quiz-masters and quiz men ever written - DAILY MAIL

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Marcus Berkmann

Marcus Berkmann has spent more than thirty years sitting in front of various television screens swearing at incompetent England batsmen. In his leisure time he has written columns on sport for Punch, the Independent on Sunday and the Daily Express. He is a regular contributor to Private Eye and has been the Spectator's pop music critic for over twenty years. His books include Rain Men: The Madness of Cricket, Zimmer Men: The Trials and Tribulations of the Ageing Cricketer, Fatherhood: The Truth and A Matter of Facts: The Insider's Guide to Quizzing