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How to Land a Plane

Mark Vanhoenacker

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Get in the cockpit, take the controls and experience the enormous wonder of how we, as a flying species, come home. With Mark Vanhoenacker as your guide, you're guaranteed a smooth landing.

Hello! Welcome! Wow, you look surprisingly relaxed. That's great to see. Have a seat on the left side of the cockpit - that's the captain's seat. Yes, you're now the captain. And yes, that's the runway down there. So fasten your seat belt, order yourself a cup of tea, and let's get cracking.

Imagine the pilot of the plane you're on is suddenly ill. Only you can take over. What do you do? Mark Vanhoenacker, the airline pilot who makes poetry out of the science of flight technology, turns the nerve-wracking reality of hitting the runway into a practical but also meaningful experience, in this fascinating guide to the magical art of flying.

Flight shows us a new immensity, but also reminds us where we come from. And even as it puts us in our proper relationship to the infinite, even as it makes us feel so tiny, it uplifts us.

But flying also comes with a whole lot of rather tedious manuals. In this short, humorous and spiritual guide, the bestselling author of SKYFARING makes these manuals more accessible and fun as he describes one of the most important and liminal phases of flight: the transition from air to ground.

You'll understand the difference between 'controls' and 'instruments', you'll know what 'roll', 'pitch' and 'yaw' signify, and you'll also learn to notice the breathtaking beauty of amazing cloudscapes and stunning sunsets. You just needed someone to show you how.

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Mark Vanhoenacker

Mark Vanhoenacker is a Senior First Officer for British Airways, flying Boeing 747s to major cities around the world.Skyfaring, his first book about airline flying, was a huge international bestseller.