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Read exclusive content from Be the Love, the self-love guide from bestselling author of Dear Universe.



Welcome! I’d like to congratulate you for being here right now. I have a great deal of respect for your willingness to dive into themes that prompt self-discovery, healing, and personal growth—and I don’t say that lightly. I see you. Amid the beautiful chaos of life, seeking to belong, navigating relationships, riding the wave of different emotions, and everything else that falls into the magnificent spectrum of being a human—I see you, and I honor you in this moment.

The book you are now holding in your hands or listening to in your ears is a book about LOVE and how to claim the hidden powers of your heart. It’s a love letter and an invitation written specifically with you in mind. The theme of love is woven throughout the narrative like fine golden thread, and this is why it’s so important to first define what love actually represents.

When you search for the word love in the dictionary it states that it’s a verb (an action word) and that it’s an intense feeling of deep affection. Simply put, love is a feeling felt in your heart. The reason it’s so important to articulate this is because reality and relationships can be somewhat warped in the name of love. They can masquerade as attachment, control, and an endless thirst to seek love outside of oneself instead of from within. What you are about to read is the journey back to yourself and into your heart.

I have one very powerful intention for this book: I want you to be the love you wish to feel. Why? you might ask. Because the truth is that if you can’t love yourself, honor yourself, and listen to your heart, then it becomes almost impossible to love others and to live a meaningful life filled with abundance, creativity, connection, and joy. Sadly, I know this firsthand because I have not felt worthy of love for most of my life. I was trapped in the seemingly endless cycle of seeking love, validation, and happiness from others instead of from within my own heart first. At times, I’ve felt disconnected from my own personal power, and this book documents how I made my way back to a space of clarity, alignment, intention, and confidence.

One of the most powerful techniques to help me get back on track was using affirmations in my moments when I couldn’t love myself. Affirmations help to amplify the energy of your thoughts so that you can create a positive and empowering boost when you need it most. The word affirmation originates from the Latin affirmare, meaning “to make steady, strengthen or to fortify.”

When you affirm belief in yourself and your desired outcome (either out loud, written down on paper, or silently in your mind), it leaves you feeling more confident, capable, and prepared for the experiences that unfold throughout life.

Alongside affirmations, I discovered these three potent core elements that can always return you to a state of love and of inspired action in your times of need. I call this the Be the Love philosophy: feel, heal, and reveal. The Be the Love philosophy is turning to your ability to guide your energy and wake yourself up to appreciation and the joy of being yourself. This philosophy is beautifully simple and effective when navigating throughout life.

  1. When you’re hurt: FEEL. Allow yourself to wholeheartedly explore your emotions and activate connection within your heart. You do this through first asking yourself how you feel, by choosing alignment, exploring truth, and being grounded in your body. Always check in to see if you are being defensive or reactive instead of open and curious. Feelings must be processed and honored to move forward in life.
  2. When you can identify a need for change: HEAL. Embrace your imperfections, make peace with what is, and become more intentional in your life to take responsibility for your own emotional reactions and responses to people and experiences. This will contribute to your well-being and help you reclaim your happiness.
  3. When you open your heart to all possibilities: REVEAL. Trust that you are always guided on your journey and have access to infinite wisdom and inspired ideas that will illuminate an empowered path forward. Your intuition will always be revealed when you lead with love from your heart.

Even if you choose to close the book at this point (and I sincerely hope that you don’t), then it is my ultimate wish that you lean into just these three powerful elements with a sense of curiosity to understand how they have the power to radically transform every area of your life. 

  • Be the Love: Seven ways to unlock your heart and manifest happiness - Sarah Prout

    Learn how to be the love you believe you deserve by embracing simple but powerful lessons, from the bestselling author of Dear Universe.

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