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In anticipation of Pamela Anderson’s new upcoming memoir, Love, Pamela, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a trip back in time and revel in all of Pamela’s iconic moments on screen.

Before she was the iconic celebrity we now know her as, Pamela began her career in modelling for Playboy and by acting in a variety of TV shows and movies you can still watch today.

10. Home Improvement (1991-1997)

Starring none other than Tim Allen, Home Improvement was an American comedy sitcom show about a suburban family from Detroit in which Pamela regularly acted throughout Seasons 1,2, and 6. While of course being the show that brought Tim Allen into the spotlight, it was certainly a great acting debut for Pamela, who played a ‘Tool Girl’ that handed Tim’s character any tool they requested during the show’s Tool Time segment. A great 90s sitcom that most might not remember as well as Seinfeld or That 70’s Show but is still a great one to watch before you get your hands on Love, Pamela.

Home Improvement

9. Blonder and Blonder (2008)

A Canadian comedy starring Pamela and Denise Richards, this film follows Dee Twiddle and Dawn St. Dom, two dumb blondes who become best friends once they notice how similar they are. Together they go on unexpected adventures, from crashing planes to being misconstrued as hired assassins and involved in a mafia mob. Although it was a box office bomb, it’s one of Pamela’s more recent films that’s a must-watch so you’re up to date for her upcoming memoir.

Blonde and Blonder

8. Raw Justice (1994)

For a change of pace, Raw Justice is an action thriller movie starring Stacey Keach, David Keith, Robert Hays, and Pamela Anderson. Pamela had all heads turning as Sarah, a hooker side-character that must hide with a detective and a man falsely accused of murder after witnessing several attacks. Also known as Good Cop, Bad Cop, the movie was marketed as sexy, funny, and action-packed, and became a moderate success, making over 35 million at the box office.

Raw Justice

7. Barb Wire (1996)

Starring Pamela as the main character, Barb Wire is a 90s cult classic superhero film that centres on Barbara “Barb Wire” Kopetski. A superheroine with advanced knowledge of law enforcement and military tactics, Barb uses her skills in hand-to-hand combat and firearms as a mercenary and bounty hunter, while owning a nightclub in Steel Harbour, “the last free city” in the United States during the Second American Civil War of 2017. If all that information doesn’t suck you into this action-packed film, we don’t know what will!

Barb Wire

6. V.I.P (1998-2002)

Another action/dramedy on Pamela’s portfolio, V.I.P. is about Vallery Irons (Anderson), a woman hired by a bodyguard agency to act as their figurehead (Vallery Irons Protection) after she accidentally saves the life of a celebrity. Despite her lack of investigative skills, she still manages to catch the bad guy in every episode with a whole lot of comedy, action, and camp.


5. Stacked (2005-2006)

Starring Pamela as the lead character, Skyler Dayton, who decides to get a job at a small bookstore to escape her old party lifestyle, this American sitcom was all about the concept of a ‘dumb’ person in a ‘smart’ place (kind of like the opposite of Cheers). With only 19 episodes, this show would be a breeze to watch in the leadup to Pamela’s memoir, as another comedy TV show in her filmography – and of course, we’re a sucker for anything set in a bookstore.


4. Scary Movie 3 (2003)

The second sequel in a series of American parody or spoof movies, Scary Movie 3 parodies many popular films and focuses on the sci-fi genre in this instalment with much inspiration from The Matrix Reloaded, The Ring, and 8 Mile. Pamela appeared early in the film as one of the characters who finds a supposed cursed tape (parodying The Ring) and meets an unfortunate end. Although her cameo is brief in this film, it certainly made an impact and makes for a great comedic horror movie night.

Scary Movie 3

3. Superhero Movie (2008)

With many film credits to her name and a penchant for comedy, it comes as to no surprise to see Pamela in another parody movie by the creators of the Scary Movie film series. This time, this movie parodies a few well-known superhero movies such as Spider-Man, X-Men, and Batman Begins, as Pamela acts as The Invisible Girl. With many other well-known actors in the cast such as Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan, and Marion Ross, this is undoubtedly a great parody film to top off Pamela’s list of comedy movies.

Superhero Movie

2. Baywatch (1989-1999)

A show that is now known as Pamela Anderson’s breakout role that thrust her into stardom and began her celebrity reputation is none other than Baywatch. Now an iconic 90s TV show, Baywatch is an action-filled drama about the lives of several lifesavers patrolling the beaches of Los Angeles and Hawaii. This show propelled Pamela’s career forward as an actress and icon, alongside co-star David Hasselhoff, both of whom are now widely known for their roles in the show. Now remastered in the last few years, you can enjoy the show with increased quality on any screen with Amazon Prime.  


1. Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (2003)

If you loved watching Baywatch, then you’re likely to love the 2003 made-for-tv film that reunites the much-loved cast for a final adventure. Nostalgic for those rewatching and a must-watch for new fans, this film is no doubt a classic for 90s TV reunions amongst many others.

After going through any (or all!) of these ten movies and TV shows, we’re sure that you’ll not only be extremely familiar with Pamela’s stellar filmography but also get a few laughs and thrills out of it too.

Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding

Pre-Order Love, Pamela by Pamela Anderson

Forget all the tabloids, magazine headlines, or other adapted TV shows that depict characterisations as the truth, when you can read the actual life story of an icon, an international superstar, in her own words.

Love, Pamela is Pamela Anderson’s highly anticipated memoir, that’s intimate, heartrending, and layered with bursts of poetry throughout her story of healing, perseverance, and redemption of selfhood. Pre-order yours today!

  • Love, Pamela - Pamela Anderson

    A memoir covering the life of Canadian actress, model, and activist, Pamela Anderson.

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