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Four-Legged Therapy: How fur, scales and feathers can make life worth living

Department Store for the Mind

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Therapy & therapeutics, Self-help & personal development, Assertiveness, motivation & self-esteem, Domestic animals & pets, Dogs as pets

Discover the joys of unconditional love and how the best lessons can come from a pet.

FOUR-LEGGED THERAPY is filled with stories of humans and animals being together. A wordless listener, something to care for, a way to get outside and yet much more. What healthy habits can we learn from our fluffy, scaly and, let's face it, stinky, friends?

Chapters include:
Miaow Miaow Begins with a C
Fishing: Confessions of a Secret Meditator
Janice is a Horse
Rabbit, Rabbit...Gone

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