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The Intercept

Dick Wolf

12 Reviews

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Fiction, Crime & mystery, Thriller / suspense

The thrilling first novel from the creator of Law & Order and the first in a series featuring NYPD Special Agent Jeremy Fisk.

Four days before the dedication of the new Freedom Tower at ground zero in New York City, five passengers and a flight attendant bravely foil the hijacking of a commercial jet en route to the city. Thrust into the national spotlight, 'The Six' become instant celebrities, hailed for their bravery. But iconoclastic New York Police investigator Jeremy Fisk believes there's more to this than a simple open-and-shut terrorism case. Fisk - from the department's Intelligence Division - suspects that in reality this is an early warning signal that another potentially more devastating attack is imminent.

Fisk and his team spring into action, but as each promising new lead fizzles to nothing they realise that their opponents are smarter and more dangerous than anyone they've faced before. The seemingly invisible enemy is able to exploit every security weakness, anticipating Fisk's every move. And time is running out until ground zero day. . .

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Praise for The Intercept

  • Fascinating, tense, and twisty - the real deal. - LEE CHILD, International #1 Bestseller

  • Dick Wolf's The Intercept is nail-biting, page-turning, twisty suspense. Warning: If you value sleep, don't start this one late at night. - Harlan Coben, International #1 Bestseller

  • Dick Wolf has proven he's a master storyteller in any form. The Intercept is gripping, telling and timely. Bottom line: It's a great read! - Michael Connelly

  • A pulsating plotline. Clever characters. Dramatic dialogue. Surprising twists. All make for an edge-of-your-seat read that will have thriller fans eagerly awaiting the next series installment. - Library Journal Starred Review

  • Storytelling pro Wolf knows how to ratchet up tension and sustain it until the end. - Kirkus Reviews

  • Wolf is best known as the creator of NBC-TV's Law & Order, the longest-running drama in television history, but the stunning plot twists, violence, and frantic pace of the novel are more reminiscent of a season of 24 ... Wolf's take on the American media's obsession with celebrity, and the way these characters cope with it and with one another, provides some of the book's finest moments. - Publishers Weekly Signature Review

  • Wolf's espionage and police-procedural hybrid combines the brainy suspense and unfiltered social commentary found in the best Law & Order episodes with perf

  • THE INTERCEPT is the hottest thriller of the year. Superbly written and amazingly intense, Dick Wolf has created an action-packed masterpiece. Picture Robert Ludlum writing for 24 and you re only halfway there. Do not miss this incredible novel. Intercept yours ASAP! - Brad Thor

  • An adrenaline-fueled, ripped-from-the-headlines suspense novel, as befitting a renowned crime drama TV writer and producer. THE INTERCEPT goes where few thrillers have gone before, charting the inner workings of the nation s fight against terrorism as one New York detective races against the clock to stop an elusive cell of elite terrorists. It does for the NYPD s Intelligence Division what Thomas Harris did for the FBI s Behavioral Science Unit. In this novel, danger is always closer than you think. - Lisa Gardner

  • Fascinating, tense, and twisty - the real deal. - Lee Child

  • Dick Wolf's THE INTERCEPT is nail-biting, page-turning, twisty suspense. Warning: If you value sleep, don't start this one late at night. - Harlan Coben

  • Dick Wolf has proven he s a master storyteller in any form. THE INTERCEPT is gripping, telling and timely. Bottom line: It s a great read! - Michael Connelly

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Dick Wolf

Dick Wolf, an award-winning writer, director, producer, and creator, is the architect of one of the most successful brands in the history of television - Law & Order, the longest running scripted show in television history. He has won numerous awards, including two Emmys, a Grammy, and an Edgar.