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Mammoth Books presents Aliens and Extra-Terrestrials

Jon E. Lewis

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Prose: non-fiction, Conspiracy theories

A collection for everyone who has ever pondered whether there is life on Mars.

Alien Abduction
Some 2,740 US citizens claim to have been abducted by aliens each day. That's an incredible 2% of a population of 300 million. Surely statistically some of these cases must bear truths?

Area 51
It is rumoured that Area 51 houses the UFO disc found at Roswell, as well as other crashed alien spaceships. What is the truth?

The Babylonian Brotherhood
Twelve-foot lizards from the planet Draco have colonized Earth and seek world domination.

Crop Circles
Made by intelligent beings from elsewhere, or earth-bound pranksters?

Face on Mars
Was the image of a humanoid face 1.5 miles long by 1 mile wide purposefully constructed or is it simply an accidental resemblance?

Hollow Earth
The Earth is hollow and houses a surreptitious advanced civilisation.

Majestic 12
Evidence found about a group of military officials, scientists and intelligence officials set up in 1962 to study alien technology. Legitimate or bogus?

Men in Black
Mysterious figures who seek to conceal UFO identity. They appear at a witness's house after a sighting and remove all physical evidence before threatening the witness to remain silent. Are they really government agents?

Nazi Moon Base
During the Second World War the Germans sent a successful mission to the moon, made a lunar station and built an underground base in Antarctica for space exploration research.

Project Bluebook
Since December 1969 there has been no official US government body actively investigating UFO sightings. But what about unofficially?

Rendlesham Forest
Did an alien spacecraft land at Rendlesham Forest in 1980?
In 1947 an extra-terrestrial spacecraft with alien occupants landed in New Mexico. Allegedly, this event was covered up by the US military, but why?

Shag Harbour
In October 1967 an unidentified flying object was seen floating on the waters of Shag Harbour. Even following thorough investigation, no explanation has ever been given for this.

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