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Mallory Factor

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Prose: non-fiction, Politics & government, Business & management

SHADOWBOSSES tells a story of intrigue, drama and corruption and reads like an organised crime novel. But it is actually a true story of how labour unions are infiltrating the US government and corrupting their political process.

This compelling and insightful book exposes how unions have organised federal, state and local government employees without their consent and how government employee unions are now a threat to US workers' freedoms, their free and fair elections and even the American way of life. And, Mallory Factor reveals what's coming next: how unions are targeting millions of Americans for forced unionisation so that unions can collect billions more in forced dues and exert an even greater influence over American politics.

A chilling expose, SHADOWBOSSES is also a call to citizen action against those who really hold power in America today.

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Praise for Shadowbosses

  • ---David A. Keene, president,

  • "...Mallory Factor blows the lid off Big Labor's racket and arms you with the whole truth about the ruthless left-wing fat cats who pull the Democratic Party's strings...Get the facts. Buy this book."

  • ---Sean Hannity, Fox News

  • ---Steve Forbes, chairman and editor-in-chief, Forbes Media

  • ---Michelle Malkin, Fox News contributor and author of Culture of Corruption

  • "...SHADOWBOSSES is a must read for anyone wanting to save our nation."

  • ---Grover G. Norquist, president, Americans for Tax Reform

  • "...SHADOWBOSSES reveals what is really going on in...the corridors of power across America---it's is a must-read for every American who cares about the future of our nation."

  • "There's never been a government scandal like the one Mallory Factor uncovers in SHADOWBOSSES---it's a dark, secretive alliance between politicians and government employee unions to take down the American taxpayer..."

  • "...Government union bosses have been siphoning off our tax dollars by the billions for years. Mallory Factor exposes them...with a hard-hitting, thoroughly documented, and enlightening expos of these shadowbosses and their Big Labor empire."

  • ---Rand Paul, United States Senator from Kentucky

  • "Mallory Factor's SHADOWBOSSES is a must read for anyone in America who pays taxes!"

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