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Flight of the Renshai

Mickey Zucker Reichert

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Returning to the Norse-inspired realm of Baern eighteen years after Children of Wrath, this first book in the thrilling Renshai saga introduces three warriors brothers....

Continuing the saga begun in the Renshai trilogy and the Renshai Chronicles, this story follows three sons of Kevral Tainharsdatter: Saviar Ra-khirsson, Subikahn Taesson, and Calistin Ra-khirrsson.
Bearn and her allies, including the Renshai, are faced with pirates, the vanguard of an army sent from a continent across the sea. Prejudice against the Renshai is growing rapidly, fueled by their ancient enemies in the Northlands. After a questionable battle, King Griff of Bearn is reluctantly forced to banish the Renshai from the Westlands.
Shunned by Westerners and hunted by Northmen, the Renshai will face many trials, while Saviar, Subikahn, and Calistin must each take his own stand in a world where there are no longer any safe havens for their people. Yet not only the Renshai are in dire straits: without their aid, Bearn may well fall to the "pirate" army fast approaching its shores....

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Praise for Flight of the Renshai

  • Slashing swordplay, a telepathic cat, spirit-sucking spiders, dizzying genealogical complications, and three warrior brothers all lend depth and sparkle to Reichert's latest installment of her immense Renshai Chronicles saga. The hardworking, talented, and resourceful male and female warrior Renshai, now serving the royals of Bearn, never start wars but always finish them. Loosely based on Scandinavian myth, the Renshai's complex struggle against their old Northmen enemies is personalized in Renshai warrior Kevral Tainharsdatter's three adolescent sons, Saviar, Subikahn, and Calistin. Each brother battles internal and external demons to prove himself a man, while hordes of mysterious pirates serving malignant godlike giants join in opposition. Reichert's handsomely fleshed-out fictional world and animated characters make her latest book an entertaining and philosophical journey with glimmers of sorcery from mages and elves that foreshadow further Renshai adventures. - Publishers Weekly

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