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House of LiesBefore I was an author I ...

Was a busy mum of three small children, a wife, a social worker and a teacher who was spending every spare waking moment obsessively writing my life story and wondering if anything would ever come of it.

My book was inspired by ...

My less than ordinary childhood and adolescence and by my belief that no matter what happens in life, the human spirit is unbreakable and there can be good found in anything.

My favourite place to write is ... 

I want to say my favourite place to write is a beautiful, quiet cottage overlooking the water, BUT as a mother of very young children, the truth is my favourite place to write is anywhere that is quiet.

When I’m not writing I ... 

Am living a full and crazy life juggling children, marriage, work, friends, and an overzealous love of extracurricular activities. Of a weekend I am usually with my husband and our three boys adventuring in the great Australian Outback where we currently live. And I am lucky to do work that I am very passionate about.

I started writing because ...

My mind would explode if I didn’t. For as long as I can remember I have loved writing. The idea of finding the right words for my thoughts, feelings and opinions always makes me feel accomplished and settled, even when the subject matter is tough.


  • The House of Lies - Renee McBryde

    This compelling memoir of family secrets, murder, sexual assault and domestic violence is also the gripping story of Renee's constant struggle to accept the truth and her true identity, and, ultimately, to forge a life on her own terms.

Kelly Morton

Kelly Morton

Head of Digital Marketing at Hachette Australia Books. Beatlemaniac. Lennon forever. Pug owner. Tend to laugh too loudly and swear too much. Heroes include: Joan Jett, Wonder Woman and Jessica Jones. Favourite books: Bios and Pop Science.

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