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Maybe you just finished a fantastic book, you’ve had a couple of misses in a row or just fell out of reading for a while and you’re struggling to start up again. It can be tricky to get into the right reading mood again.

Below are our top 9 tips for getting back into the pages!


1.      Re-read a Favourite Book
Pick a book you’ve read a couple of times before – and loved! – to remind you of a genre or author that made you love the reading world. You’ll be familiar with the plot and the writing style, so the pressure to finish or keep reading is off. It makes the whole experience easier when you’re struggling to find a new story to get into.


2.      Read a Sequel
A bit like re-reading a favourite, the pressure is off when you pick up a sequel. You know the world and characters already – and hopefully, you enjoyed the story! – so should be easier to get into a sequel. Unlike with re-reading a favourite, the story will be new, exciting and will help jumpstart your move back into reading.










3.      Watch an Adaptation
We all know the books are better than the film, but when you’re not sure how to get back into reading, they could be the spark you need. Pick a movie adaptation in the genre you really love to read and see if it makes you want to pick up the book when you’re done. The book will always have extra scenes and character interactions that will make it feel like you’re getting the extended edition.


4.      Try a New Format
Try branching out into a different sort of reading format. You might try listening to an audiobook. Don’t think of it as not reading. They’re still the exact same words you would find on the printed page, you’re just experiencing the written word in a new and exciting way! And if it’s finding enough time to read that has been your problem in the past, it’s a lot easier to multi-task with an audiobook.


5.      Do a Digital Detox
Sometimes you feel so plugging into technology that you don’t feel like you can slow down to read. Stepping away from all the gadgets can bring back that urge. You’re not jumping from device to device – it can be calming to only have one object to look at, without all the flashy screens overloading your senses.


6.      Quit Your Reading Challenges
The biggest killer in reading slumps is pressure – and one of those pressure points can be reading challenges. There’s nothing quite like feeling the book world land on your shoulders when you can’t meet a reading deadline. Reading should be enjoyable – whether it’s for relaxing or expanding the mind – not stressful and deadline based. Remove that urge to beat your reading goal from last year, or the monthly challenge that says you can only read sci-fi novels with a pink cover and the word “heart” in the title. Take away that sense that you’ll fail if you don’t read to a schedule and you’ll find it’s a lot easier to pick up the next book.


7.      Join an Online Bookclub
On the other hand, if you feel like you struggle to identify the next hit on your pile, you could try joining an Online Bookclub. They’re usually more sporadic in picking a reading schedule and the fact that you’re not locked into a location means you end up meeting people from all over the country (or even the world) who will love chatting about their latest favourites at all hours of the day. There’s also the added bonus of not being face-to-face with other readers and feeling guilty if you haven’t finished the book.


8.      Tackle your TBR Pile based on Moods
Don’t look at your pile of growing books and panic. An unread book is not a ticking time-bomb. They’re not going anywhere. You also do not have to read all your books in the order you received them. Pick up your next book based on what you feel like reading. If you want a first-person fantasy novel, but all you have are third-person fantasy novels on your shelf – go find a first-person story! There are no rules saying you must get through your TBR pile before finding a new book.


9.      Follow Your Reading Gut
Your reading gut will always be your best friend when you’re getting out of a reading slump. It is going to tell you exactly what mood you’re in and which book to take on next. If you’re craving a certain genre or format – follow it! Above all else, reading is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If your reading gut is saying your current read isn’t fun, find a new book. You don’t have to stick with something you’re not enjoying, look for something that makes you happy.

Kimberley Steel

Kimberley Steel

I got my first taste of heart filled books as a YA blogger, before settling down in the Product department of Hachette Australia. I tend to read mostly Young Adult, Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance novels – but I’m open to anything with a good hook! My ideal weekend is sitting back with a cup of tea, a new book and a few hours of uninterrupted reading time.

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