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Test your knowledge of blood pressure and cholesterol in this quick quiz. 

There are many markers of being at risk of becoming biologically older than your calendar age – high blood pressure (hypertension) and high blood fat (lipid) levels are some of the most significant. Biological ageing is sped up by these factors, which in turn sets up a cascade of events which can lead to an earlier grave than you might have planned.

Dr Norman Swan is one of our most trusted doctors and a much-respected broadcaster and author. His new book So You Want to Live Younger, Longer? explains the risks associated with raised blood pressure and toxic cholesterol, and how you can better manage this so that your heart and brain don’t become ancient before their time.

Take our quiz and find out more about how to control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels (scroll down for answers).

1.       Which of the following is a potential consequence of high blood pressure?

a.       Heart disease

b.       Dementia

c.       Kidney damage

d.       All of the above


2.       True or false: chronic psychological stress is the sole reason for ‘hypertension’ or high blood pressure.

a.       True

b.       False


3.       Which of the following will NOT prevent your blood pressure from rising as you age?

a.       Reducing salt intake

b.       Exercising most days of the week

c.       Eating fish oil tablets

d.       Minimising your alcohol intake


4.       What is the recommended maximum sodium intake per day?

a.       2 g

b.       10 g

c.       0 g

d.       4 g


5.       True or false: High blood pressure is deadlier than pollution.

a.       True

b.       False


6.       How often should someone in their twenties get their lipid levels (cholesterol profile) tested by a doctor?

a.       Never, young people are very low risk

b.       At least once

c.       Only if you are overweight

d.       Only if you have a genetic history of hypercholesterolemia


1. D | 2. B | 3. C | 4. A | 5. A | 6. B

  • So You Want to Live Younger Longer? - Dr Norman Swan

    The ultimate guide on what you can do at any age to stay young and healthy longer, from Australia's trusted, straight-talking doctor and broadcaster, Dr Norman Swan, bestselling author of So You Think You Know What's Good for You?

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